HP iQuote v1.9: Option Packs

April 5, 2012

A new way to start a quote in HP iQuote: Option Packs. Instead of starting a new quote with a System Unit Part Number it is now possible to apply “Option Packs” to apply logical groups of options and/or services.

For PSG, as an example, HP or the HP iQuote Host can define logical bundles. If you want to offer a solution for every HP 5330m Notebook for a very mobile user: exec carry case, extra battery, travel power, accidental damage Care Pack e.t.c. it is possible to make that solution a single click add.

In Europe we’ve worked with the TS organization to implement their HP ProLiant Solutions: Basic, Standard and Optimized. Here’s how it works:

A. In the Family (Range) List there is a link that states “Support Option Packs Available”:

Support Option Pack 1

B. Choose the Services and Number of Years you want to apply – click and HP iQuote provides a plain English summary of the configuration:

Support Option Pack 2

C. See how HP iQuote applies the Option Pack (in this case Support) in the Cart/Basket:

Support Option Pack 3

HP iQuote still invokes Auto Add unless the Option Pack contains an Option Type that would be added. The Option Packs 100% respect the configuration rules and of course items can be removed from the Cart/Basket. They work on any supported Option or Service and combinations of course.

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