Improved Validation in HP iQuote

March 21, 2012

Copy Validation Notes and Resolve Configurations more easily. Live now: major improvements to our Configurator warnings.

Copy Function
Users, especially those that use XML or Copy to Clipboard to get quotes out of HP iQuote wanted to be able to copy Validation Notes so that is now possible.

Resolution Function
If the user gets an error to inform them that they have exceeded the Max Qty BUT there is an expansion option available HP iQuote now provides a link to that part and shows it as an option search. We’ll apply this feature wherever it is applicable.

Validation Notes New

The above graphic shows the changes in the Validation Checklist from a user perspective. Once clicked the part that fixes the error appears in a standard option search view (so with stock/price) and can be added to the Cart/Basket.

Both of these new features came from User Feedback so we’d like to thank all users and key contacts who work with us to improve usability and utilization.

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