New HP iQuote Options Web Service

March 15, 2012

Struggling to present compatible HP options on your eCommerce or ERP System? If yes HP iQuote subscribers can get access to a new Web Service from channelcentral.net for FREE.


The Web Service allows you to send HP System Unit Part Numbers to HP iQuote and receive a list of compatible options (filtering out items that are supported by the RANGE but not the MODEL). So you get 1 processor type (for dual CPU machines), the correct memory and drive type. Other aspects of the service:

  • Ranking: if you want to promote popular options or sort on popularity we include a ranking figure based on quotations generated on that RANGE in HP iQuote.
  • Localization: the service is localized by Country and the Ranking data is set at Country level too.

Access Models:

  • Existing HP iQuote and HP iQuote No-IT Subscribers can get instructions on how to enable the service. Just email us.
  • Data Providers can also tap into this service via a HP iQuote Subscription. Email: interested@channelcentral.net.

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