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Improved Validation in HP iQuote

March 21, 2012

Copy Validation Notes and Resolve Configurations more easily. Live now: major improvements to our Configurator warnings.

Copy Function
Users, especially those that use XML or Copy to Clipboard to get quotes out of HP iQuote wanted to be able to copy Validation Notes so that is now possible.

Resolution Function
If the user gets an error to inform them that they have exceeded the Max Qty BUT there is an expansion option available HP iQuote now provides a link to that part and shows it as an option search. We’ll apply this feature wherever it is applicable.

Validation Notes New

The above graphic shows the changes in the Validation Checklist from a user perspective. Once clicked the part that fixes the error appears in a standard option search view (so with stock/price) and can be added to the Cart/Basket.

Both of these new features came from User Feedback so we’d like to thank all users and key contacts who work with us to improve usability and utilization.


HP iQuote Product Descriptions

March 21, 2012

Subtle, yet important changes to HP iQuote Product Descriptions. Although it seems trivial we know that the product descriptions often end up incorporated into quotes that reach the End User/Consumer. So we try to ensure that they are accurate, standardized and comprehensive. Recently we’ve made some global changes:

  1. Where processors are Dual-Core, Quad-Core (or more) we now include the dash consistently.
  2. For PSG we have standardized on “Webcam”.

If you ever see part descriptions that you feel don’t meet your standards or have suggestions as to how we could improve in this area please let us know via the Feedback Form.


HP iQuote & Promotional SKUs

March 20, 2012

When you are quoting a system unit HP iQuote now reminds you whether you are building a Promotional SKU or not. You’d know wouldn’t you? Well if you’ve started a quotation through Quick Launch or Shopping List maybe not. Besides you may have started a quote, the customer says: “Oh I need a Smart Buy” and you don’t want to abandon the quote to check that you originally selected a Smart Buy.

Promo Supply Chain

The above shows Smart Buy in blue text. In Europe it would say Top Value for example. Users asked us to add this so we hope it’s useful.


New HP iQuote Options Web Service

March 15, 2012

Struggling to present compatible HP options on your eCommerce or ERP System? If yes HP iQuote subscribers can get access to a new Web Service from for FREE.


The Web Service allows you to send HP System Unit Part Numbers to HP iQuote and receive a list of compatible options (filtering out items that are supported by the RANGE but not the MODEL). So you get 1 processor type (for dual CPU machines), the correct memory and drive type. Other aspects of the service:

  • Ranking: if you want to promote popular options or sort on popularity we include a ranking figure based on quotations generated on that RANGE in HP iQuote.
  • Localization: the service is localized by Country and the Ranking data is set at Country level too.

Access Models:

  • Existing HP iQuote and HP iQuote No-IT Subscribers can get instructions on how to enable the service. Just email us.
  • Data Providers can also tap into this service via a HP iQuote Subscription. Email:

HP iQuote Universal

March 14, 2012

A new, easy way to access HP iQuote for HP Partners. The best way for HP Resellers to use HP iQuote is via their HP Authorized Distributor – the stock, price and buy functions, where available, make using HP iQuote far richer.

However, what if you don’t have a local Distributor that you buy from with HP iQuote? Well if you want to use the configuration capabilities against HP List Price then check out HP iQuote Universal.

How to Access
Simply visit this Web Site:

Complete the form and you’ll get an instant Welcome Email. If your country isn’t listed please email

Distributors can also use HP iQuote Universal but any HP Authorized Distributor can have a free version of HP iQuote anyway via HP iQuote No-IT. The No-IT version is better as you get the Management Portal. Email to get HP iQuote No-IT.


QuoteWerks and HP iQuote in Action

March 13, 2012

Check out this awesome video from QuoteWerks showing how simple it is to import HP iQuote quotations into their environment. Pasting our custom XML or using the Quote ID importer couldn’t be simpler.

HP iQuote and QuoteWerks together

APC to HP UPS Transition Guide

March 13, 2012

Customer looking for a HP UPS and knows the APC model? It’s easy to offer a competitive quote in HP iQuote. European Users: simply go to the Resources Page and click on the link: APC vs. HP – UPS cross-reference.

Using Google Docs we present in HP iQuote an Excel Spreadsheet that maps APC products to the HP equivalents. It’s very easy to use and provides a few bullet points on where HP excels.

To make it easier to locate we’ve put a Banner Advert under the Validation Checklist in the quotation – click on it to jump to Resources.

UPS Ad 2


HP iQuote now supports QuoteWerks

March 2, 2012

If you use QuoteWerks to manage your quotes and proposals check out the integration with HP iQuote. Two ways to work:

  1. Use HP iQuote to generate your quotation with validation, then use the custom QuoteWerks XML export to simply paste the quotation into QuoteWerks.
  2. From within QuoteWerks import your HP iQuote quotation using our cool Web Service.

More information from QuoteWerks on the integration/partnership:

QuoteWerks and HP iQuote – Perfect Together.



February 2012: Record Breaking

March 2, 2012

HP iQuote gains in popularity. Number of Users per Week grew to a record 650 across EMEA and USA. New Quotes climbed to a new high of 4370 in a week.

Monthly figures for Feb 2012 a record 17,214 Quotes. Americas led EMEA 51%/49%.

February 2012 was a good month but we look forward to breaking more records in March thanks to our users!