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Microsoft ROK Auto-Add Extended in Europe

January 31, 2012

BTO (A Model) Servers now have Microsoft ROK Auto-Add. As of February 1st 2012 the very popular Microsoft ROK Auto-Add function has been extended from Top Value/Golden Offers Servers to BTO (A Model) Servers.


The way Auto-Add in HP iQuote works is that the most appropriate or popular Microsoft Operating System is automatically added to the Basket/Cart. It can be removed and replaced really easily. It has been proven to increase the number of times these options are quoted per server (Pitch Rate). It operates in the following countries: UK, IE, FR, DE, IT, NL, BE, CY, ES, PT, NO, PL, SE, ZA.

If you have any feedback on this function, or any other HP iQuote function please use the Feedback Form within HP iQuote.


Access Multiple HP iQuote Instances?

January 31, 2012

If you do it’s now easier to work out which Instance you are accessing. You may have a live system for internal use, but access a demo system to review new products or features. Due to the way your Browser remembers previous activity (and our Cookie influences this) you may not be sure you are logging in to the correct system. So to make sure we’ve added the Instance name to the Login Screen:

HP iQuote Login Help


How much does HP iQuote cost?

January 31, 2012

Here’s a useful guide to how little you could pay for HP iQuote. HP iQuote is a cloud application – here’s the commercial model.

Free Access
Many, many HP Partners use HP iQuote without paying for the service at all:

  • Any Authorized HP Distributor can access a free version of HP iQuote called “No-IT”.
  • Many Distributors offer Resellers free access to HP iQuote through their Web Stores or through our Universal/Clone Services.

The subscription for HP iQuote costs $800 per Month. Within that subscription there are free Banner Advertisements to generate margin for the Host. Given there are free versions why would a HP Distributor or Reseller pay the subscription and become a Host? The 2 main reasons are:

  1. To deploy a customer system a Distributor or Reseller must be a Host.
  2. To control the stock and price shown in HP iQuote you must be a Host.

HP Partners that operate in multiple countries can apply for Framework pricing and this will reduce the cost per country. Either way the Return on Investment is there.

Interested in HP iQuote (free version or subscription)?

$800 = €575 = £500 (other currency quotations on request).


HP iQuote Training/Awareness Sessions

January 26, 2012

HP is running HP iQuote Webinars every two weeks for EMEA Channel Partners. There are two different sessions: one is aimed for new users or channel businesses that haven’t seen HP iQuote, the other is a Master Class aimed at existing users or Product/Business/Marketing Managers who are seeking to maximise their opportunity.

11AM CET every other Thursday.

Introduction to HP iQuote: covers the program objectives, how to generate a quote, benefits and how HP Channel Partners can access and deploy HP iQuote. Next session is 09 Feb 2012 and then it is repeated every 4 weeks.

HP iQuote Master Class: advanced quote functions are shown live (Options Search, Saved Quotes, Merged Quotes, Exports, HP Storage Pre-Configuration) and then a few slides on Reporting, Marketing, Customer Deployment options and Futures. Next session is 23 Feb 2012 and then it is repeated every 4 weeks.

There is a limit on the number of delegates so ensure that you let HP know that you are attending. The sessions are structured so that if you really only want training you can drop off the call after that section. The sessions will last between 35 and 50 minutes depending on the volume of Q&A.

If you would like to receive the invites please email


HP iQuote System Quantity Enhancement

January 24, 2012

Now HP iQuote users can specify the number of System Units in the Quote. A frequently requested enhancement was to show the System Unit multiplier in the Cart/Basket in addition to allowing the multiplier on Export. Well good news that is now possible. Save the Quote and you’ll see a new function to extend the number of systems. The cool thing is that if you add more options HP iQuote auto-extends the options and still validates.

Systems Multiplier

In the above quotation 3 Memory Modules were added to 3 Servers so 9 Memory Modules.

Saved Quotes: there are lots of reasons to Save your Quotes in HP iQuote – now there is another one !


HP iQuote User Feedback

January 20, 2012

We certainly hit the right note with this US Reseller. Within HP iQuote there is a Feedback Form that users can complete to make suggestions, alert us to new or obsolete products and get general support. One of Ingram Micro’s Reseller Users in the USA provided some feedback – simply:

“I love having this tool!!”

Our response was to reply “we’ve really enjoyed creating and operating iQuote for HP”.

This shows the value that Distributors deliver by providing their Resellers with access to their HP iQuote.


HP iQuote Utilization – Record Breaking

January 20, 2012

Our first Blog article of 2012 looks at our figures. Since the New Year HP iQuote has been experiencing major growth:

  • The highest number of users per week was achieved this week at nearly 600.
  • The highest number of new quotes per week was also achieved at over 4,150 as we march towards a monthly total of 20,000.

Both statistics break all previous records. Expected User count and New Quote count for January 2012 is 1300 and 18250.


Also in December 2011 the USA overtook Europe as the No.1 geography for HP iQuote use – impressive but we predict a European surge.