Document Hosting in HP iQuote Case Study: UK ESSN Focus Pack

November 11, 2011

HP iQuote Management Users: do you want to host documents in HP iQuote? Using one of these frankly amazing online document readers it’s now easy to view documents in HP iQuote.

Case Study: HP ESSN UK “Focus Pack”
The UK ESSN Business Unit produces a PDF document that lists all the programs currently running to help HP Partners boost sales and win deals. That document is now available in HP iQuote within the Resources page. Use the Home Page Banner Advert to link to it:


Or just click on Resources on the top menu. You are then offered various documents (e.g. HP iQuote Training Guides) and the Focus Pack. It can be viewed in a window or full screen and has a very useful Document Search function (so if you are looking for Cash Back deals you find them quickly).

Focus Page Full Screen

Of course only UK users can view this file and by definition that means that each Country can have localised content.

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