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Quicker, easier way to give customers access to HP iQuote: Universal

November 22, 2011

New deployment model accelerates HP iQuote customer system. As well as support for web store integrations and clones now offers a third way to give customers access.

This version of iQuote is called HP iQuote Universal. This is how it works:

  1. We provide a customer subscribe form and a link with a token which you place on your web site.
  2. Reseller completes form and is provided with a welcome email.

We show List Price* or Indicative Price* in this version as well as inventory. You can have unlimited customers/users under this model you just have to be a HP iQuote subscriber (so this is not available under HP iQuote No-IT).

* Hosts that want to provide customers with individual buy price should look at HP iQuote Web Store Integrated.

Here’s a full list of HP iQuote versions:

  • HP iQuote No-IT (free): Internal Use Only, List Price No Stock
  • HP iQuote Universal: Internal Use, Customers, List Price, Stock, Order (email)
  • HP iQuote Clone: Per Customer, Buy Price, Stock, Order (email)
  • HP iQuote Store Integrated: Customers, Buy Price, Stock, Order via Kart (Basket)

Upon first subscription our customers get Universal, Clone and Store Integrated.


HP iQuote No-IT Extended

November 11, 2011

Important news on our FREE version of HP iQuote for HP Authorised Distributors. HP iQuote No-IT is not only free but requires no IT Integration so it’s instant on. 2 changes:

  1. Originally a HP ESSN program we’ve now extended it to include PSG and IPG.
  2. EMEA coverage has been extended to any Worldwide location for which we can obtain local List Pricing and Portfolio information.

HP iQuote No-IT is a great way for Distributors to evaluate HP iQuote or use it as a configuration tool. More on HP iQuote No-IT:


Document Hosting in HP iQuote Case Study: UK ESSN Focus Pack

November 11, 2011

HP iQuote Management Users: do you want to host documents in HP iQuote? Using one of these frankly amazing online document readers it’s now easy to view documents in HP iQuote.

Case Study: HP ESSN UK “Focus Pack”
The UK ESSN Business Unit produces a PDF document that lists all the programs currently running to help HP Partners boost sales and win deals. That document is now available in HP iQuote within the Resources page. Use the Home Page Banner Advert to link to it:


Or just click on Resources on the top menu. You are then offered various documents (e.g. HP iQuote Training Guides) and the Focus Pack. It can be viewed in a window or full screen and has a very useful Document Search function (so if you are looking for Cash Back deals you find them quickly).

Focus Page Full Screen

Of course only UK users can view this file and by definition that means that each Country can have localised content.


UK HP iQuote Users: Avalanche Improvement

November 11, 2011

Now the Export document provides a break-down of the discount calculations. We had some feedback from Distribution that to process Avalanche orders they must know the discount applied against each part number. So we’ve added that to the Excel Export document.


The plan is to extend this so that the discounts are viewable on screen plus the user is prompted to make the 5 and 10 qualifying option thresholds.

We are always interested in feedback from HP iQuote users – join the HP iQuote User Group on LinkedIn.


Coffee Coaching on HP iQuote on You Tube

November 10, 2011

Interested in what HP iQuote can offer your business? You can now view a features/benefits presentation on You Tube. Part of the HP Coffee Coaching series Greg Starks, HP SMB Solutions Program Manager, Industry Standard Servers explains HP iQuote in detail.


HP iQuote Account Settings

November 8, 2011

Now you can update your personal details in HP iQuote. We’ve changed the Change Password link on the menu to a new link called Account Settings. It allows you to update your name and telephone number as well as change your password. It also allows you to set your preferred language.

Account Settings

One of the reasons we added this function is that the HP iQuote Excel Export now includes your Name, Email and Telephone Number where we have it. We blogged about this recently:

So if you want the order first check that the details we have in HP iQuote for you are complete and correct.