Support for WordPress Blogs in HP iQuote

October 10, 2011

Would you like to add to the standard HP iQuote Blog or even replace it? If you are familiar with HP iQuote then you will have seen that on the Home Page we re-publish the HP iQuote Blog that is hosted in WordPress.

If you have access to WordPress, which is a free application for their basic service, you can setup your own localised Blog. Let us know the Web URL and we can import your Blog articles and re-publish them in HP iQuote. If you want us to suppress (hide) the standard HP iQuote Blog which is only available in English language, we can do that too.


You can Blog on very specific programs that you are running. The benefit is that your local HP iQuote Blog will be more relevant than the standard Blog: local language, local programs.

Other benefits: if you use WordPress and tag the articles you will start to get results from search engines such as Google and Bing. Also your customers can see your Blog through a RSS feed or through other social media tools e.g. Twitter.

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