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New to HP iQuote: Resources Page

October 24, 2011

New Resources Page helps users to locate information. HP iQuote Users will notice a link on the top menu called Resources:

Resource Menu

So far we’ve loaded the Training PPTs using a great utility that allows the user to scroll through the slides. You’ll see Sales Training 1 for new starters (and new to HP iQuote) and Sales Training 2 that highlights some of the advanced features.

Resource Page

We’ll be adding more useful information to this HP iQuote Resources Page in the future. Suggestions welcome please use the Feedback Form within HP iQuote.

Note: we don’t show the Resources Page to users that come in via a Host’s Web Site.


New to iQuote – User Resources

October 22, 2011

Making life a little bit easier for people selling HP.  That’s one of the fundamental ideas behind HP iQuote, and our new Resources page will  bring together  more of the information you need to do your job, in one place. To access Resources, just click the new link next to the Home button in the main  site menu.

We have launched the Resources page with two Training presentations for Sales, to enable you to get more out of iQuote. Level 1 covers all the basics and is intended mainly for beginners, while Level 2 covers some of the more advanced features, including tricks & tips to use iQuote to improve your productivity.

Product information will also feature heavily within iQuote Resources – from details on the latest promotions to more general content like FAQs and Sales Guides.

As always, let us know what you think!


HP iQuote now with HP Designjet

October 21, 2011

Large Format Printers now in HP iQuote. We’re delighted to announce that the HP Designjet ranges are included in HP iQuote. For new models that means you can use Printer Finder to locate the printer & options you want based on the product’s features. For discontinued models you can source options and consumables. Plus these are proper printers:


Remember with HP iQuote you’ll be able to view the price and inventory from your Host Distributor or Reseller.


HP iQuote Utilisation Trebled

October 21, 2011

October 2011: record breaking volume of quotes. We have seen the weekly average quotes exceed 3600. To put this in context in October 2010 this figures was 1200. A BIG thanks to all of our HP iQuote Users.


HP iQuote: ENERGY STAR Compliance

October 11, 2011

Now you can see which HP ProLiant Servers have the much coveted ENERGY STAR rating. We’ve added an icon:

Energy Star in HP iQuote 2

A really easy way to help those customers that want to lower their costs and the impact they have on the environment. More information on ENERGY STAR:


HP iQuote Export Excel now personalized

October 10, 2011

We’ve added YOUR name and YOUR email address to the Excel Export. It’s a really simple thing but if you want the order it probably helps if it has your name and email address on the quotation. Plus if we have your phone number on our system we’ll include that too.

Two and a half years we’ve been doing this and we’d never been asked for this. Thank you Philippe Odent from France for the idea. Magnifique.


Support for WordPress Blogs in HP iQuote

October 10, 2011

Would you like to add to the standard HP iQuote Blog or even replace it? If you are familiar with HP iQuote then you will have seen that on the Home Page we re-publish the HP iQuote Blog that is hosted in WordPress.

If you have access to WordPress, which is a free application for their basic service, you can setup your own localised Blog. Let us know the Web URL and we can import your Blog articles and re-publish them in HP iQuote. If you want us to suppress (hide) the standard HP iQuote Blog which is only available in English language, we can do that too.


You can Blog on very specific programs that you are running. The benefit is that your local HP iQuote Blog will be more relevant than the standard Blog: local language, local programs.

Other benefits: if you use WordPress and tag the articles you will start to get results from search engines such as Google and Bing. Also your customers can see your Blog through a RSS feed or through other social media tools e.g. Twitter.


Printer Finder new to HP iQuote

October 6, 2011

Printer Finder is a new feature that has been added to HP iQuote. Once logged in go to IPG Swift from the Banner Advert and there is a link to Printer Finder.

You first need to select the type of printer you are looking for. Your selection will then enable HP iQuote to filter out the printers and options that are not associated with the type of printer you have selected. For example, if you choose LaserJet, all Inkjet printers will be suppressed.

Then choose the printer attributes the customer wants:

As you go through the list and choose the options you want, iQuote will filter out the printers that do not contain the features that you have selected. It also shows you the number of Printers available so you don’t “over-filter”.

From this list, you can view the specifications for any of the printers (click the blue link):

View the Options either from the Spec Table (link at the bottom of the window) or using the orange button on the printer listing go directly to them:

The Unique Selling Point here is that all of the Printers/Options are shown with the Host’s Price and Inventory levels.

Current (initial) output for this is to a CSV file. Potential to provide an Excel export or, for those Hosts who offer HP iQuote via a Store, a Buy function. The plan is to extend this feature to PSG in the short-term and look at relevance to Servers, Storage & Networking products. Feedback always welcome – use the Feedback Form in HP iQuote or Tweet, Like, LinkedIn etc.


HP iQuote More Banner Ad Functions

October 5, 2011

Further improvements to the way Banner Advertising displays and functions. There are many actions that are supported by Banner Adverts and for the user it is not always clear what clicking the advert will do. So now we are starting to incorporate “hover text” with each new advert. E.g. Click Here to view Supported Options.

PrintBanner Adverts in HP iQuote can launch a new Quote, link to a page/PDF/App and open an Option Category. New to HP iQuote is a function that can search for text/parts and display the results – so an auto-search function. This is very powerful as HP iQuote Users can see a relevant option, click and add in seconds.

Example: if you want to see Microsoft ROK SKUs click on the ROK Advert (above) and HP iQuote will do the search for parts that contain ROK. If you already have Microsoft ROK in the Basket/Cart the advert won’t display. As part of this specific adverts the Development Team also limited the results to a specific number of options.

“If Marketing has one goal, it’s to reach consumers at the moments that most influence their decisions.”

Remember if you are an HP iQuote User: Banner Adverts in HP iQuote do things that save time !