Why iQuote Adverts are Valuable

August 8, 2011

Banner advertising in iQuote is worth taking notice of. We know that online advertisements are often ignored but advertising in iQuote does clever stuff. This is an important distinction from other random banner advertising whether you are an iQuote User or an iQuote Advertiser.

Take this advert as an example….it’s clever:


Why is it clever? Answers:

  1. It is displaying because it knows you don’t have a Tape Drive installed. So it is prompting you to ask the question and make a larger sale.
  2. If you click it iQuote will direct you to the Tape Drive section. This is easier and quicker than finding it manually.
  3. If you add a Tape Drive it gets replaced by a different Banner Advert or just disappears from view.
  4. For Advertisers we can record how many times it displays and is clicked. And of course iQuote can measure the pitch rate for any options against any system unit.

Other examples: iQuote Adverts can link to PDFs, Applications, Web Sites, Facebook/LinkedIn or even launch a new quote in iQuote.

iQuote is not just about creating a good configuration quickly and easily. Through the iQuote Adverts and the Validation Checklist iQuote is helping you to expand the solution and therefore the sale.

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