Context-Sensitive Parts Notes now in iQuote

August 8, 2011

Our Parts Notes function has been improved. We use Parts Notes against a few Options where to install the Option requires either a trade off or in some cases an additional “enabling” sub-option. We’ve had feedback from iQuote Users that these could work better if the Parts Notes took into account the System Unit family. Originally our Parts Notes were stored against the part but of course that part could appear as an option for many servers or systems.

In other words you wanted the Parts Notes only to display when needed. So good news as Parts Notes are now aware of the System Unit being quoted and only appear when relevant (i.e. Context-Sensitive).

Example: if a Redundant Power Supply (RPS) is supported by both a ProLiant ML110G7 and a ProLiant ML330G6 BUT when installed in the ProLiant ML110G7 requires an Enablement Kit, iQuote will only show the Parts Note when the RPS is being quoted in the ML110G7 (and not the ML330G6).

So it reduces the number of times Parts Notes are displayed and avoids minor confusion (why am I seeing a ML110G7 warning when in a ML330G6 quote). As a point of detail this iQuote modification has been applied to all of the ways that an option can appear (drill down and search).

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