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HP EMEA Version of iQuote Press Release

June 30, 2011

HP issued a localised version for EMEA. It’s not posted on but European journalists are reporting on it. For example:

The main difference between the EMEA and WW versions is that the HP quote is from a Florian Reithmeier, VP for Industry Standard Servers and Converged Infrastructure at HP EMEA, and the Distributors quoted are Westcoast and Ingram Micro.

If anyone would like either version in Word format please contact me via


iQuote Integrated Mode Improvement

June 29, 2011

Now customers can “buy” more quickly. If you have iQuote integrated into your Web Shop/Store your customer used to have to Save the Quote to view the so-called “Buy Button” – the function that sends the user back to the Host together with their list of parts/prices. We call this Send To Host.


Now all your customers have to do is add at least one option attached to the System Unit and the Send to Host button appears. The quote is auto-saved as part of the process. In many instances the button appears when a quote is started as Auto-Add is adding a Care Pack or Microsoft ROK.

This was done in response to customer requests. It makes sense as it is clear that this function exists early in the user experience.


iQuote and HP Storage Branding

June 29, 2011

iQuote has transitioned from HP StorageWorks to HP Storage. On June 6 the HP “master brand” has been adopted for HP Storage products. HP has removed the presence of StorageWorks from all of its existing materials. HP Storage is now the new division name, and the new portfolio descriptor is HP Storage. So within iQuote the name HP StorageWorks has been replaced with HP Storage.

According to HP
“This transformation comes as a result of a number of storage technologies brought together by HP – StorageWorks, LeftHand, IBRIX, 3PAR and HP Labs – by combining storage, server and networking innovations, HP is able to remove the use of the StorageWorks sub-brand and create one unified brand which will include all of these.”

More Information (video):

About HP Storage
Developed in response to the forces that are shaping today’s enterprises, and built on HP’s Converged Infrastructure, these solutions offer greater agility and efficiency than ever before; enabling organisations to optimize traditional IT environments, build new private and public clouds and transition to hybrid computing models.


HP Storage Advertising Campaign

June 29, 2011

Look out for a series of advertisements in iQuote to help drive your HP Storage Number UP. Live now: a Tape Drive attach advert (see below).


Simply quoting a Backup Device can increase your deal size and margin. These Banner Adverts are in place to provide you with a memory prompt but also with this advert click it to show compatible options within a quote. Simple.

We’ll be adding new HP Storage adverts in July around the presence of HP Storage systems in iQuote and how EASY they are to quote, but also how P4000 can add value to VMware implementations.


HP Worldwide iQuote Press Release

June 29, 2011

HP Helps Channel Partners Improve Customer Service, Drive Growth. In case you haven’t seen some of the online coverage HP issued a press release on June 27th around its HP iQuote Strategy. This is a link to the Worldwide Press Release:

(An EMEA version will also be released)

There has been some really positive press coverage already and there will be a Blog article coming soon that consolidates it.


HP Care Pack Auto-Add Extended

June 27, 2011

Holland/Netherlands and Belgium now have HP Care Pack enabled. As part of an EMEA rollout of this feature these countries will get HP Care Pack Auto-Add. When a system is loaded iQuote adds the No.1 ranked Care Pack into the basket. It can be replaced by the User.

This follows a successful UK/IE pilot where HP has seen the Pitch Rate for Hardware Support increase through iQuote. Higher Pitch Rate can lead to an increase in Attach Rate.


HP List Price Support in iQuote

June 27, 2011

iQuote extends support for HP List Price. As well as showing actual buy price iQuote can also handle HP List Price. A number of iQuote users have asked us to include List Price in the export. Possible reasons: bid requests, indicative pricing for End Users. It’s also important for some promotions such as HP Avalanche that are List Price based. Anyway, it’s in iQuote and now it can also be viewed on the Excel Export as an additional column.


Also added to iQuote Export: Validation Notes

June 27, 2011

Another popular request from our customers: Validation Notes have been added to the iQuote Excel Export. If you use the Excel Export you’ll notice Validation Notes are replicated from the on-screen version in iQuote onto the output. They tell you if there are any warnings or trade-offs present with the quote you have created. For example, if a Server is Diskless and the customer has not requested Hard Disk Drives the Export will now state: WARNING: You should install at least one Hard Disk. It’s a “soft” warning as it is possible the customer has Hard Disk Drives already or is using a different boot device.

The aim of the Validation Checklist is to improve customer satisfaction and now the Validation Notes are on the Export this will improve overall quality. How they appear in Excel:


HP Golden Ticket Winners: The Mug

June 24, 2011

Each Golden Ticket Winner receives an iQuote Expert Mug. We thought both previous and future winners would like a preview of what they are going to be presented with! So here is our HP Golden Ticket iQuote Expert Mug:

iQuote exper 004

(Coffee/Laptop/Flowers NOT included)

More details on the EMEA HP Golden Ticket Incentive:
Golden Ticket Days are announced on this Blog. On a Golden Ticket Day an iQuote User can enter if they save or export a quote with 10 or more Qualified Options or Services attached (pitched). An additional bonus entry is available for HP UPS quotes on the day All of the Golden Tickets are put into a draw and then winner(s) are announced the next day.

The HP Golden Ticket iQuote Incentive runs until 31st July 2011.


iQuote Exports now include the Date

June 23, 2011

A number of HP Partners requested this so we have now added a new “Date Stamp” feature to iQuote. If you use the Excel Export you’ll notice a new row that shows the Date the Quote was Exported. This should save time when trying to match a quote your customer has with your copy in iQuote. It also means that your own Terms and Conditions are easier to enforce: if your terms are 7 Days or End of Month for quote validity the Export shows the date of export to you and the customer. So better all round Quality.