iQuote Save Quote Change

May 13, 2011

Now it’s possible to save a Quote in iQuote without having to provide a name for it. Just click the green Save icon and iQuote will save the quote, assign a unique Quote ID and other functions such as Margin and Export (and in the US in Microsoft Internet Explorer Copy to Clipboard) become available.

Saved quotes can be retrieved from iQuote to re-open or use as a Template (if re-opened they can be price/stock updated instantly). If you save without a name iQuote will create a Quote Name for you (e.g. DL180G6_110513123240).

We’d always recommend saving quotes and it takes seconds. Fewer seconds now as you don’t need to think of or enter a Quote Name.


  1. It would be great to be able to add a “Add new quote” in the same page you use for building a quote.
    Thus, it would be quicker when i have to configure, say, 10 servers with storage plus backup…

    • Hi Julien from Saved Quotes view you can use Solution Builder to group quotes into a single output which may be of interest…thanks for your feedback. Look out for the iQuote User Group on LinkedIn too ! iQuote Team.

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