iQuote Copy to Clipboard: Quick Export

April 27, 2011

A new way of getting quotes out of iQuote will be tested in the USA. We get a lot of feedback from customers about the iQuote Export function – good that we can include Ts & Cs, logo and the information that we include such as stock, BUT due to the Excel security setup it could be slicker (quicker). Plus many users just want to get the quantity and part numbers out and onto another system/application.

So during late April/early May we’ll be piloting with our USA users a new, quicker way to export by simply copying to clipboard. Initially it will work with Microsoft Internet Explorer only. This is how it works:

  1. When a user clicks Copy to Clipboard, iQuote will make a background save of the quote. This is so we retain that important management information. If the user has already Saved, the previously saved version will be updated.
  2. iQuote will send the part numbers and quantities to the clipboard in the form of a table.
  3. Users can then paste those parts into any application that has a paste text function.

The Browser may still complain about allowing the application to access your clipboard, but this can be easily accepted OR suppressed by adding channelcentral.net to your Trusted Sites in Internet Explorer.

We’re pretty certain that this will be a popular feature so we plan to roll outside the USA quickly and also look to extend Browser support.

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