Introducing iQuote Store Services

April 11, 2011

Now iQuote can help you maintain and optimise your online store.

channelcentral.net has launched a new service to customers which provides compatibility information (options against systems) in a format that can be used to populate their ERP and eCommerce systems. Initially it is available for ISS (ProLiant) systems in the UK & IE and only lists options that have been quoted at least once within the UK. It will be opened up to other product areas and locations. Ultimately it will be a fully configurable web service to allow customers to subscribe to the data as they would like it.

The iQuote Store Service is free and can be accessed by any iQuote Host or (Reseller) Clone through the standard Management link. Resellers that access iQuote through a Distributor Store don’t have access directly so should speak to their Distributor.

The plan with iQuote Store Services is to take feedback from customers and then expand the offering.

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