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iQuote & HP ProLiant EMEA Incentive Coming Soon

April 27, 2011

From May to July 2011 (together with HP) will be running an incentive in iQuote for European HP Channel Partners called Golden Ticket. iQuote Users can win prizes but only if they use iQuote to quote HP ProLiant Servers and HP Qualified Options.

Full details will follow so look out for iQuote Golden Ticket days throughout HP’s 3rd Quarter. Remember that if you don’t already have iQuote you’ll be able to get an iQuote No-IT service from May 2011:

Good luck from the iQuote Team here at


iQuote Copy to Clipboard: Quick Export

April 27, 2011

A new way of getting quotes out of iQuote will be tested in the USA. We get a lot of feedback from customers about the iQuote Export function – good that we can include Ts & Cs, logo and the information that we include such as stock, BUT due to the Excel security setup it could be slicker (quicker). Plus many users just want to get the quantity and part numbers out and onto another system/application.

So during late April/early May we’ll be piloting with our USA users a new, quicker way to export by simply copying to clipboard. Initially it will work with Microsoft Internet Explorer only. This is how it works:

  1. When a user clicks Copy to Clipboard, iQuote will make a background save of the quote. This is so we retain that important management information. If the user has already Saved, the previously saved version will be updated.
  2. iQuote will send the part numbers and quantities to the clipboard in the form of a table.
  3. Users can then paste those parts into any application that has a paste text function.

The Browser may still complain about allowing the application to access your clipboard, but this can be easily accepted OR suppressed by adding to your Trusted Sites in Internet Explorer.

We’re pretty certain that this will be a popular feature so we plan to roll outside the USA quickly and also look to extend Browser support.


iQuote Service during UK Bank Holidays

April 21, 2011

Full iQuote service available to our customers globally.

We’re based in the UK and so normally have a number of Bank Holidays at this time of year – three in fact. With Will and Kate’s wedding we get an extra one, so 4 days in 2 weeks!

However, during this time we’re running a full iQuote service.

If, like us Brits, you also have holidays please enjoy them and we thank you for using iQuote and contributing to its success.


iQuote Store Services–Compatibility

April 19, 2011

Live now: a new version with great new features. Any iQuote Host (Distributors normally) or Clone (Resellers that have a full iQuote service provided by a Distributor) automatically have access to iQuote Store Services. The first service: Compatibility is available for ISS System Units and provides Options (and Care Packs) supported by System Unit. It was launched two weeks ago but this new version has:

  1. Categories (e.g. Memory, Hardware Support, Hard Disk Drives).
  2. A popularity ranking within each Category.

So HP’s channel can use this data to populate their own ERP Systems and eCommerce solutions but now apply quote activity to maximise the benefit.

iQuote Store Services are 100% free as part of iQuote. SWDc inclusion is planned. There are no plans to include PSG or IPG at this time.


iQuote No-IT

April 19, 2011

From May 2011 any authorised HP Distributor in EMEA can have iQuote…instantly. We’ve called it iQuote No-IT because there is no requirement for IT Development for the Host (usually a Distributor but could be a Reseller). That means it can be set up really quickly – within a few days. It also means that the decision to use iQuote can be made by Sales/Marketing (aka The Business) alone, as iQuote is a Cloud-like application.

Free also means free. There is no cost for iQuote No-IT whatsoever, no contract needed or a PO. The request just needs to be approved by HP.

There are a few differences between iQuote No-IT and iQuote (classic). iQuote No-IT:

  1. Supports internal users only.
  2. Does not display the Host’s stock levels.
  3. Shows List Pricing only (no actual buy price and no promotional pricing).

Apart from that it’s fully functional with Management Console, Unlimited Users/Usage, Export, Swift, Shopping List, Solution Builder etc.

If you are interested in iQuote No-IT please visit


iQuote Option Filtering

April 18, 2011

Now iQuote can limit the display to Options that you provide a price for. At the start of April we Blogged about iQuote System Unit filtering:

Well now iQuote Hosts can request a global change to only show Options that they supply a price for. The benefit is that Distributor and Reseller Hosts can control the portfolio displayed and it can be quicker to locate options. However, switching this function on does mean that the iQuote Host must set up HP parts proactively.

To switch on Systems & Options Filtering please email


UK/IE Users: Avalanche Options Live

April 15, 2011

New HP Top Value “Book Pricing” is now live. At the start of April HP introduced Avalanche Options into Top Value and this is now available in iQuote. The way Avalanche works is that the more options you add the more you save. Avalanche qualifying options are highlighted in iQuote so you can select them easily and then they are displayed in the basket with a red star so you can flex up to get more discount.


The rebate is calculated as soon as you reach the entry threshold and then that is dynamic increased as you add more qualifying options. If you have any feedback on this new iQuote feature please use the Feedback Form in iQuote. We believe Avalanche Options is a brilliant solution to offering customers flexible bundle pricing.

Note: HP Max Qty has been removed from iQuote. Any saved quotes that are re-opened will revert to Avalanche Options pricing.


Introducing iQuote Store Services

April 11, 2011

Now iQuote can help you maintain and optimise your online store. has launched a new service to customers which provides compatibility information (options against systems) in a format that can be used to populate their ERP and eCommerce systems. Initially it is available for ISS (ProLiant) systems in the UK & IE and only lists options that have been quoted at least once within the UK. It will be opened up to other product areas and locations. Ultimately it will be a fully configurable web service to allow customers to subscribe to the data as they would like it.

The iQuote Store Service is free and can be accessed by any iQuote Host or (Reseller) Clone through the standard Management link. Resellers that access iQuote through a Distributor Store don’t have access directly so should speak to their Distributor.

The plan with iQuote Store Services is to take feedback from customers and then expand the offering.