iQuote measures your Pitch Rate: what a benefit!

March 28, 2011

Pitch Rate is a fantastic way to track Sales effort to attach products and services.

Most Channel Product/Business Managers tend to measure Attach Rate. In this context: sales of certain options (product/service) against system units. It’s easy to measure but the results can be misleading as the Channel will sell systems and options without each-other. Measuring is important but improving is the objective if businesses are to maximise the business opportunity.

Pitch rate for options is the number of times Sales make an offer to a customer for a system that includes options – broken down into option type for granularity. The general opinion is that, provided what is being offered is appropriate and commercially sensible, increasing the pitch rate will drive a higher attach rate.

The issue is that many, many quotations are delivered verbally or by email/excel. So this intellectual property is inaccessible. That’s where iQuote adds value: all quotations are stored centrally so that Product/Business/Sales Managers can look at how many times their “hero” options are being quoted to customers. If Sales don’t quote an option to a customer you are then relying on your customer to think about adding it…which is less likely.

image: http://www.freeimages.co.uk

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