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iQuote System Unit Filtering

March 31, 2011

New Global Setting for iQuote. We have a few Distributors that don’t carry the full list of HP systems that are available. More common with BTO A Models SKUs where it is possible to have dozens of systems that rarely sell. To accommodate these customers iQuote now has a Global Setting which we can apply for iQuote Hosts: “only display systems that I provide a price for”.

The plan is to also have this setting available against Options but we would advise caution here as a customer may be looking for something that is either new or obscure that potentially wouldn’t display in iQuote if this switch is enabled.

If you are an existing iQuote Host please contact us if you would like us to apply System Unit Filtering in your iQuote system(s).



iQuote New Range: HP Elite 7200 MicroTower

March 31, 2011

You can now quote the HP Elite 7200 MicroTower on iQuote.

The HP Elite 7200 comes with the latest technology from Intel to deliver a premium mix of powerful performance, useful features and flexibility.

Intel’s latest-generation of processors and Intel® H67 Express Chipset represent the next step in faster, multi-core technology that intelligently maximizes performance to match your workload. The HP Elite 7200 uses the Intel® Core™ processor ranging from i3-2120 to i7-2600.

System units available in iQuote already:

XT214EA (UK, IE, S Africa)
XT217EA (S Africa)


Advertise in iQuote

March 31, 2011

Start advertising in iQuote today.

Distributors can advertise in iQuote and it’s really easy and cost-effective to do.

  • Distributors get up to 10 basic advertisements free per quarter.
  • Smart adverts we charge for, but they have more impact as they are aware of what is in the basket/cart.
  • Clicking an advert can link to a web site, to a page that we host in iQuote or it can launch a New Quote for a specific system.
  • The number of views and clicks can be measured.
  • iQuote is a great place to advertise, as messages will be displayed while the quote is being created.

If you are interested in advertising in iQuote please email or contact us via


iQuote New PSG Range: HP Compaq 315eu MicroTower

March 30, 2011

The HP Compaq 315eu MicroTower available to quote now…in iQuote!

The sleek Compaq 315eu MT with Windows 7 and an AMD Athlon II X2 Processor is powerful enough to be used right out of the box yet also offers great expandability.

New Models Added:
XF917EA (S Africa)
XF918EA (S Africa)
XT348EA (S Africa)
XT366EA (S Africa)


New Smart Buy Option Icons in iQuote US

March 30, 2011

Locate Smart Buy Options easily in iQuote. We are rolling out a new feature for our US users. It’s a visual aid in iQuote that appears against Smart Buy (promotional) options as follows:

SB Options

Over the next couple of days we’ll ensure we have every Smart Buy option covered. Hopefully a major timesaver that also helps iQuote users to get to the best possible price for their customers.


iQuote Clipboard

March 30, 2011

The iQuote Clipboard is now available for US users of iQuote!

There is a new function available in iQuote for US users called the iQuote Clipboard. The idea came from a customer request – they use the iQuote Clipboard to paste the customer’s requirement so that they can view it on screen without switching windows. We will make this feature available to the rest of the world very soon.

In Firefox the iQuote Clipboard even has a built-in spell checker and custom dictionary (this is not available in IE8). Note that the contents of the iQuote Clipboard are temporary and so are not stored against the Saved Quote.










We hope that this makes using iQuote a better experience for our users.


10,000 Quotes in iQuote

March 28, 2011

For the first time, iQuote has reached 10,000 Quotes in a month!

As of today (Monday) we have transacted more than 10,000 New Quotes in iQuote so far this March – the first time we’ve ever done 10,000 quotes in a month (with over 3 days to spare). We would like to thank our new and existing customers for making this happen.


iQuote measures your Pitch Rate: what a benefit!

March 28, 2011

Pitch Rate is a fantastic way to track Sales effort to attach products and services.

Most Channel Product/Business Managers tend to measure Attach Rate. In this context: sales of certain options (product/service) against system units. It’s easy to measure but the results can be misleading as the Channel will sell systems and options without each-other. Measuring is important but improving is the objective if businesses are to maximise the business opportunity.

Pitch rate for options is the number of times Sales make an offer to a customer for a system that includes options – broken down into option type for granularity. The general opinion is that, provided what is being offered is appropriate and commercially sensible, increasing the pitch rate will drive a higher attach rate.

The issue is that many, many quotations are delivered verbally or by email/excel. So this intellectual property is inaccessible. That’s where iQuote adds value: all quotations are stored centrally so that Product/Business/Sales Managers can look at how many times their “hero” options are being quoted to customers. If Sales don’t quote an option to a customer you are then relying on your customer to think about adding it…which is less likely.



Microsoft ROK Operating System Auto-Add for HP Top Value Servers

March 25, 2011

When a new quote is started (either from Browsing Systems or Quick Launch) iQuote will add a Microsoft ROK OS to a Top Value Server in the UK and Ireland automatically.

The version of Microsoft Windows Server that is added depends on the range as follows:

HP ProLiant MicroServer: Microsoft Windows Server Foundation 2008
HP ProLiant ML110, 150, 330: Microsoft Windows Small Business Server (SBS) 2011
Everything else: Microsoft Windows Server Standard 2008

It is, of course possible to deselect the Operating System (i.e. remove it from the basket) to add something else. We hope that this new feature helps to increase your revenue and margin.


Farewell Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 for iQuote

March 15, 2011

Supporting Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6 (IE6) is holding iQuote back. So from April 2011 we will no longer be officially supporting Microsoft IE6 and below, in line with advice from Microsoft. iQuote will still work – but you won’t be getting the best possible experience. We already know that very few users are still using IE6 so for most iQuote users there is no change.