Margin Controls in iQuote: Improved

February 15, 2011

You told us our margin controls in iQuote needed to be more consistent and transparent. You were right. Solution Builder gave you the ability to view Saved Quotes and Exported Quotes and merge them for the first time. It’s easy to do but it does mean that there is the potential to mix margin. So we made a number of changes to the way margin behaves and fixed a bug that was exhibiting at the same time. The summary:

  • Loading a saved quote is now faster.
  • We store margin level when a quote is saved, re-saved or exported.
  • We now show the margin levels in the preview pane for a Saved quote.
  • Solution Builder now manages the margin through to export.
  • If a quote with margin is opened it remembers the margin level and displays it.

Now we also know that many people don’t use the margin controls within iQuote and with XML pricing some don’t have to. There is a commonly requested feature in the margin area that we will introduce at some stage and that is to allow different margin levels to systems v options v services.

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