iQuote Swift a hidden gem

February 15, 2011

iQuote customers that use iQuote Swift are using it a lot. So why are so many iQuote users not using it at all? We are seeing polarisation with iQuote Swift utilisation and so this Blog is just to remind people that it exists.

There are two versions of iQuote Swift both accessible via a single link on the menu:

  1. The first version you see allows you to enter a system unit part number, a margin figure and then produce a list of supported products (in stock only or all items) to export to CSV in seconds. Really useful for pre-quote preparation and tender responses.
  2. The second version allows iQuote users to take a random list of HP (and in some cases Microsoft) part numbers, paste them in and generate a stock and price list with descriptions and even HP PL Codes on the export. Aimed at bulk buyers in channel but useful for other requirements. It will handle 100 or more SKUs.

So please have a go at using iQuote Swift it really is awesome and once you start to use it you’ll be hooked we’re sure.

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