HP StorageWorks Commercial in iQuote Rollout

February 15, 2011

The first HP StorageWorks solutions start to appear in iQuote. It’s started and the 3C products (HP Tape Autoloaders and Libraries) are the first to surface. UK users already have access and this will spread really quickly into other areas of the portfolio as final developments are completed.

The good news for iQuote users, especially those users who are not as famliar with the HP StorageWorks products as they are with PSG or ProLiant, is that it works in the same way. Plus using Solution Builder iQuote users can start to build solutions comprising of different parts of the IT infrastructure. Other iQuote features such as iQuote Swift are also HP StorageWorks ready.

We hope that the inclusion of HP StorageWorks commercial products helps our iQuote customers to build great storage solutions around the HP ProLiant servers. We are always happy to take feedback from iQuote users.

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