HP Care Pack Auto Add Coming Soon to iQuote

February 15, 2011

Load a system unit and the best Care Pack for that model will appear in the basket (cart) automatically. That’s the concept and in fact we’ve got this working already in our test site for ProLiants. The UK will see this feature soon, and once released we’ll look to roll it out to all iQuote-ready countries. It will help to drive Care Pack sales for our Distributors and Resellers. Of course it will be possible to remove the Care Pack from the basket (cart) and replace it with an alternative.

We’ve spoken to a number of partners about how desirable this feature is and the feedback is that they all want to improve Care Pack sales and see this as a very positive step.

The Care Pack is selected from HP’s Care Pack Finder file so it is HP’s recommendation. The Care Pack Auto Add will complement other plans we have to help with Care Pack attach and selection such as the “also coming soon” HP Recommends for iQuote.

As with all new features we’re happy to take feedback from iQuote customers and users. There are currently no plans to offer this for PSG systems but that may change.

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