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Microsoft SBS 2011 from HP now in iQuote

February 19, 2011

iQuote now offers the new Microsoft Small Business Server 2011 (SBS 2011) parts from HP. Designed and priced for small businesses, the SBS 2011 solution suite offers agile, all-in-one, secure server solutions.

There are lots of parts to reflect the Standard and Premium versions and the various licencing methods, CALs etc. Here are some of the key parts:


More info: click the image or visit:


HP ProBook 5320m now in iQuote

February 19, 2011

UK, Irish and South African iQuote users can now quote HP’s ProBook 5320m. According to HP:

“Style meets substance in this sleek HP ProBook 5320m Notebook PC that measures 2.35cm thin, features a 33.8cm (13.3in) diagonal HD display, and offers powerful performance at an affordable price.”

The first wave of System Units:




Mini 5103 now available in iQuote

February 17, 2011

US and European models added to iQuote. Maximize your mobility with the sleek, lightweight HP Mini 5103. Stay productive wherever you go with touch capabilities, flexible wireless options and a choice of productivity suites.

US Smart Buys

UK Top Value Model

South Africa Top Value Models

US Regular Models

European Regular Models


iQuote Hint: remember QuickSpecs are linked

February 17, 2011

Save time if you need to refer to HP QuickSpecs for additional information.

A few months ago we added the QuickSpecs to the Table of Contents for HP systems. One of our iQuote Champions in UK Distribution commented how useful this was but how awareness was low amongst iQuote users. So here’s a reminder. You don’t need to search the web for a QuickSpec or open Product Bulletin, as you can link from iQuote directly to the correct QuickSpec PDF.


iQuote Swift a hidden gem

February 15, 2011

iQuote customers that use iQuote Swift are using it a lot. So why are so many iQuote users not using it at all? We are seeing polarisation with iQuote Swift utilisation and so this Blog is just to remind people that it exists.

There are two versions of iQuote Swift both accessible via a single link on the menu:

  1. The first version you see allows you to enter a system unit part number, a margin figure and then produce a list of supported products (in stock only or all items) to export to CSV in seconds. Really useful for pre-quote preparation and tender responses.
  2. The second version allows iQuote users to take a random list of HP (and in some cases Microsoft) part numbers, paste them in and generate a stock and price list with descriptions and even HP PL Codes on the export. Aimed at bulk buyers in channel but useful for other requirements. It will handle 100 or more SKUs.

So please have a go at using iQuote Swift it really is awesome and once you start to use it you’ll be hooked we’re sure.


HP Care Pack Auto Add Coming Soon to iQuote

February 15, 2011

Load a system unit and the best Care Pack for that model will appear in the basket (cart) automatically. That’s the concept and in fact we’ve got this working already in our test site for ProLiants. The UK will see this feature soon, and once released we’ll look to roll it out to all iQuote-ready countries. It will help to drive Care Pack sales for our Distributors and Resellers. Of course it will be possible to remove the Care Pack from the basket (cart) and replace it with an alternative.

We’ve spoken to a number of partners about how desirable this feature is and the feedback is that they all want to improve Care Pack sales and see this as a very positive step.

The Care Pack is selected from HP’s Care Pack Finder file so it is HP’s recommendation. The Care Pack Auto Add will complement other plans we have to help with Care Pack attach and selection such as the “also coming soon” HP Recommends for iQuote.

As with all new features we’re happy to take feedback from iQuote customers and users. There are currently no plans to offer this for PSG systems but that may change.


Margin Controls in iQuote: Improved

February 15, 2011

You told us our margin controls in iQuote needed to be more consistent and transparent. You were right. Solution Builder gave you the ability to view Saved Quotes and Exported Quotes and merge them for the first time. It’s easy to do but it does mean that there is the potential to mix margin. So we made a number of changes to the way margin behaves and fixed a bug that was exhibiting at the same time. The summary:

  • Loading a saved quote is now faster.
  • We store margin level when a quote is saved, re-saved or exported.
  • We now show the margin levels in the preview pane for a Saved quote.
  • Solution Builder now manages the margin through to export.
  • If a quote with margin is opened it remembers the margin level and displays it.

Now we also know that many people don’t use the margin controls within iQuote and with XML pricing some don’t have to. There is a commonly requested feature in the margin area that we will introduce at some stage and that is to allow different margin levels to systems v options v services.


HP StorageWorks Commercial in iQuote Rollout

February 15, 2011

The first HP StorageWorks solutions start to appear in iQuote. It’s started and the 3C products (HP Tape Autoloaders and Libraries) are the first to surface. UK users already have access and this will spread really quickly into other areas of the portfolio as final developments are completed.

The good news for iQuote users, especially those users who are not as famliar with the HP StorageWorks products as they are with PSG or ProLiant, is that it works in the same way. Plus using Solution Builder iQuote users can start to build solutions comprising of different parts of the IT infrastructure. Other iQuote features such as iQuote Swift are also HP StorageWorks ready.

We hope that the inclusion of HP StorageWorks commercial products helps our iQuote customers to build great storage solutions around the HP ProLiant servers. We are always happy to take feedback from iQuote users.