Jan 2011 iQuote Utilisation is Flying

January 24, 2011

Our iQuote Users have started the New Year impressively. A big thank you to all of our iQuote evangelists and users. The UK, USA, South Africa and United Arab Emirates are leading the way. The USA only went live in late December and it is already making an impact.

New Quotes:
It took us about 18 months to reach a weekly New Quote figure of 1000 quotes (27 September 2010). By the 12th of Jan 2011 this doubled to 2000 New Quotes per week. 12 days later we’re almost at 2500 New Quotes per week.

Saved Quotes:
We’re approaching 1000 Saved Quotes per week – this is 10X on Jan 2010.

Pitch Rate has increased (the number of options quoted per system unit), the number of users has increased but importantly the number of quotes per user has also increased. Remember that quotes are put together by iQuote Users so this is your success, although we’d like to take some of the credit !

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