Options Descriptions Spring Cleaning

January 13, 2011

iQuote Options Descriptions are being improved – Hard Disk Drives for Servers already done. So not quite Spring yet in the UK but Spring cleaning has started. Our aim is to make our Options Descriptions as consistent and complete (useful) as possible. This is because we know that many iQuote descriptions are viewed by End Users plus it helps when browsing.

Example Hard Disk Drive Options Format:
530888-B21 HP 160GB 3Gb/s 7.2k rpm NHP SATA SFF (2.5in) Dual-Port MDL HDD 1yr Warranty

Part Number (530888-B21)
Vendor: (HP)
Capacity: (160GB)
Bus Speed: (3Gb/s)
Disk Speed: (7.2k rpm)
HPL/NHP: (Hot-Pluggable/Non-Hot-Pluggable)
SATA/SAS: (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment/Serial Attached SCSI)
Factor: SFF (2.5in)/LFF (3.5in) (Small Form Factor/Large Form Factor)
Ports: (Single-Port/Dual-Port)
HP Market Positioning (Entry/Midline/Enterprise)
HDD (Hard Disk Drive)
Warranty (1yr/2yr/3yr)

To show the Warranty on the Hard Disk Drives is really important as these Options do not carry the same warranty as the System Unit. Applying a Warranty Care Pack to a server does upgrade the Warranty on the Hard Disk Drives installed.

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