iQuote Modification: hard disk drive configuration

January 10, 2011

Now easier to select your System Unit when browsing in iQuote. Some feedback from our US iQuote users that showing the hard disk drive configuration within a product description would help the user select. iQuote goes a little further and adds this to the browse range view (see graphic) as a separate line item.

For example, “Hard Drives: Hot-Pluggable 2.5in Small Form Factor Drive Bays: 4″ appears between the part number, price, stock and the full server description on one of the DL360 G7s.

There is a planned enhancement so that if a System Unit supports 4 hard disk drives as standard but can support a 2nd backplane that extends this to 8 iQuote will show “Drive Bays: 4 (8)” which is the same methodology as the table of contents uses.

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