New Year, New iQuote Feature: Solution Builder

January 5, 2011

The most requested feature for iQuote is now live. iQuote users want to be able to merge quotes for different systems into a single quotation. Now you can with iQuote Solution Builder. Instead of adding a new application we decided to make it simple by leveraging the existing Saved Quotes view.

How to: just use the blue arrow to add either Saved or Exported versions of your quotes to create a solution. The quotes will then appear in a “Super Basket/Cart” like the graphic. Once you’ve finished combining quotations click on preview to view the quotations and then you have the facility to either preserve original pricing or refresh to current pricing. Once done you can export.

A number of additional functions are planned: the first is to allow the margin level to be changed for the Solution from the margin that was applied to each system; the second is to look for products that fit together (e.g. server and storage system) and provide some help around components needed for them to work together and the third is to allow users to store Solutions and retrieve them.

We hope you enjoy using iQuote Solution Builder. Best wishes for 2011 from the iQuote Team here at channelcentral.net.

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