iQuote: View from the Team – Dan

November 11, 2010

Moving iQuote forwards. Dan is also part of the iQuote team (officially our Technical Solutions Director) and he built iQuote from scratch (database, application, data flows). That’s a huge simplification though, as Dan also gets involved in major customer integration projects and peripheral, yet important, tasks such as our Dashboard. We (you) are keeping Dan pretty busy so here’s a flavour of some of the projects that he is working on:

  1. iQuote Swift. We realised that iQuote is pretty much the only place that HP’s Channel can access Options Compatibility at System Unit level, and wanted to make that information available as a comprehensive listing within iQuote. It took a couple of weeks, but we’ve now delivered the first installment of Swift and the rest (more features) is coming soon. I hope you like my logo! I am switching on “reporting” on iQuote Swift so we can see what the uptake is, but we are confident it’s a really useful addition.
  2. HP StorageWorks. If you have read the article from Paul you will know we are working on getting HP StorageWorks into iQuote. I’ve been working closely with Paul to build the data structures and get these products available to quote. Very challenging work, but I am looking forward to the launch. One of the things that I’ve been working on for several months will come into action as part of this project: quote stitching – it allows two or more quotes to be joined together, and opens up many possibilities.
  3. Promotional Bundles. We’ve got really good bundle handling in iQuote but HP is driving more complexity so I have been actively looking to make this a really seamless user experience in iQuote.
  4. Performance. People don’t often notice the performance of a web application when it is good, but they certainly notice when it isn’t! We are a bit obsessive about performance, so I spend a good deal of time refining and even re-engineering whole sections of iQuote to keep the whole user experience as ‘crisp’ as possible. Even though functionality, useage and the product portfolio have all increased greatly in recent months, iQuote is running faster than ever.

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