What have these 3 iQuote support responses got in common?

November 1, 2010

See if you can spot the common denominator. 3 email responses:

  1. “491191-B21 is a Factory Only option. Check with Disti/Techie but I think 462969-B21 (BBWC) and 462834-B21 (212 w/256MB Cache) may do the same thing but be Disti orderable.”
  2. “405132-B21 which has gone EOL. This part: 462862-B21 looks almost identical to the one you wanted (P400 with 256MB Cache). Any good? Lots of other options in iQuote of course.”
  3. “You will need to purchase the following option to add a LTO 3280 to a DL380/385G7 family server: EJ013A – HP Ultrium 3280 SAS 1Drive 3U Rackmount.”

So they are all product recommendations, but the interesting common thread is that all of these Support responses were sent in response to automated requests. An iQuote User looking for a part that is not supported or no longer available receives a response like this without logging a call.

A recent Blog explained what happens when the Options Search is used, and that drives this proactive service. iQuote is the application, the service is delivered by channelcentral.net and to be effective you need both elements.

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