iQuote Swift has arrived.

November 1, 2010

We’ve launched Version 1 of iQuote Swift, allowing quick execution of System Unit centric price and availability lists. Just use the link on the Home Page to try out this fantastic new addition to iQuote. Simply enter a valid HP System Unit part number and iQuote Swift will show a list of valid options (plus the system itself) along with part number, description, categorisation, price and stock…in seconds with an option to export to a CSV file. The export version also pulls in HP Product Line (PL) code which is really handy for OPG (bid) work. You can even suppress products out of stock (electronic only items will still display).

iQuote Swift addresses a slightly different need in the Channel – iQuote is about putting together a very specific configuration but customers (End Users, Resellers or Distributors) often want to just get indicative price/stock before moving towards a formal quotation. Also some customers know the products so well they just want a listing.

So this is Version 1, which indicates we are already working on additional features for iQuote Swift. Version 2 will follow soon and we know you’ll love it, especially if you have customers that just send large numbers of parts asking for price and stock. iQuote Swift will take care of that in seconds. Version 3 is also planned and will allow Channel partners to subscribe to iQuote Swift and receive a feed of systems and their specific options.

If you have any feedback on this new feature, or any other aspect of iQuote please contact us through WordPress, Twitter, LinkedIn, iQuote or via our website.

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