iQuote: View from the Team – Tim

October 21, 2010

Interested in what’s coming soon? A lot of the time this Blog announces new features and products after they have been launched. For a change here’s a mini-series of Blogs from the team here talking about things that they are excited about or currently working on. First up Tim:

“We’re working on a few projects and enhancements that I’m really excited about here are a couple of highlights for me.

1. A new menu option will be arriving in Beta format really soon called simply “Swift”. It allows an iQuote User to enter a system unit part and generate a list of all supported options priced and stocked along with “plain English” categorisation and HP PL Code. What a time saver and ideal for pre-formal quoting situations that are common in Channel. Better still in the future Swift will also allow an iQuote User to paste in a random set of HP parts and it will generate a price list in the same format. Can you imagine pasting a list of 100 (or more) parts into Swift and having it priced and stocked 2 seconds later?!

2. There will also be a formal reporting system for Distributors and Resellers so that utilisation information will be proactively emailed (opt in basis !!). We know that when iQuote is monitored and measured utilisation goes up. It’s an essential element of driving margins up for the Channel so am pleased that we are improving beyond just the standard Dashboard.”

Tim Moyle, Managing Director of channelcentral.net – the Company behind iQuote


  1. Swift sounds like great addition to the tool, I look forward to trying this out day to day, and assisting with it’s development through feedback!

    • Hi thanks Simon it’s really, really close to going live with initial release !

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