iQuote FAQ: what prices do you show in iQuote?

October 7, 2010

Whatever price you want, in any currency. When we present iQuote to a HP Partner for the first time the most commonly (frequently) asked question is “what price do you show?” The simple answer is: any price you want. It is a little more scientific than that and is partly dependent on the IT capabilities and bandwidth of the iQuote Host (usually, but not always, a Distributor). The objective is clear though: if the price is what the customer would pay that’s very desirable – so that’s what we aim for.

Our initial integration takes price and stock via a text file over FTP and there is a basic margin control to allow some level of simplistic customer pricing. channelcentral.net (the Company behind iQuote) also supports other, more sophisticated processes such as XML and at that stage we can provide customer pricing to many customers. Moving forward we are also starting to engage with Distributors and their eCommerce partners to achieve the “Holy Grail” – End User specific pricing through iQuote and we believe we’ll see that within the next 4 to 6 months from leading Distributors.

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