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iQuote System Notifications – Hard Drives

September 7, 2010

New adjustment to iQuote ensures that there is always a Hard Disk Drive in a Server quote when needed. The iQuote development team listens to user feedback to better iQuote. In response to recent feedback iQuote now generates a non-critical (blue) alert – ‘No Hard Disk’ – when the following conditions apply to a quote:

1) No HDD installed as standard in the chosen system unit.
2) No HDD added to the quote.
3) At least one other option has been added to the quote or the quote has been saved.

This will prompt users to add Hard Disk Drives to Servers. If you have any other feedback, the easiest way to leave it is through the omni-present Feedback function at the bottom of the iQuote page (as this user did).


HP StorageWorks for iQuote: In Production

September 6, 2010

The secret is out – HP StorageWorks Commercial Portfolio is coming soon to iQuote. Expect to see D2600/2700 and P4000 products really soon! Microscope here in the UK reported this as follows:

Keep watching the Blog to see HP StorageWorks products as they launch.


PSG QuickSpecs in iQuote

September 6, 2010

Now you can access Notebook, Desktop & Workstation QuickSpecs from within iQuote. There was a recent Blog to announce that iQuote carries a link to HP ProLiant QuickSpecs. We are pleased to add that you can also link directly from iQuote to the HP QuickSpecs for the PSG Family. It works in the same way so here’s a link to the previous article:


iQuote Update: New UK Top Value Servers Added

September 3, 2010

Three new Top Value models in iQuote.

HP DL360G7 ProLiant Servers: new models are powered by either the Intel Quad Core Xeon E5506 or X5650 Processors, carry 6GB  or 12GB of DDR3 RDIMM Memory and a Smart Array P410i Integrated RAID Controller with either 256MB or 512MB of Cache Memory depending on the model.

Top Value Models Added to iQuote:


HP DL165 G7 ProLiant Server: powered by the AMD 6128 Processor, it has 2GB (1 x 2GB) of DDR3 RDIMM Memory and a Smart Array B110i SATA Integrated RAID Controller.

Top Value Model Added to iQuote:



New iQuote Feature: Improved Validation Checklist

September 2, 2010

iQuote allows users to view the configuration notes against options in a consolidated list via the Validation Checklist. If a user missed the Option Configuration Notes or maybe built a solution via a Bundle or Shopping List then it can now be browsed from the Validation Checklist – reducing the possibility of missing something.

 iQuote currently runs an information ‘i’ icon alongside options available to systems, which offers advice about the validation of the option against the system being created. This feature has now been extended to the Validation Checklist in iQuote, as a result the efficiency of creating quotes is increased and important information is not missed!

The interface will display the information in a hover menu over the information icon. In the near future this information will be extended to the Export feature of your quote. We hope this enhancement will improve your iQuote experience.


UK & NL iQuote Users: September Promos Live

September 2, 2010

Bundles, Max Attach, Cashbacks live in UK and NL iQuote. It makes putting together a quote with promotional products so easy.


iQuote New Feature: Link to HP QuickSpecs & Data Sheets

September 1, 2010

Jump from iQuote to HP Documents on the fly. iQuote’s aim is to provide users with the ability to build complex sales quotations easily. However, sometimes users need some extra technical information in order to position a solution with a customer and this is available from HP in the form of QuickSpecs and Data Sheets. Rather than duplicate this information in iQuote we would like to leverage it so now you can link from a server to the correct HP QuickSpec and where available Data Sheet.









HP QuickSpecs contains official technical information provided by HP on their products. The product specific information includes:

  • Images
  • Standard Features
  • Configurable Components
  • Technical Specifications
  • System Details
  • Service and Support

iQuote Update: New US Smart Buy DL165 G7s

September 1, 2010

Two new models now live for US Users. Use iQuote to develop comprehensive quotes & show Smart Buy savings on HP Servers & Smart Buy Options.

These new HP ProLiant Smart Buy DL165G7s are powered by the the latest AMD® Opteron® Eight or Twelve core processors. Models in iQuote have 4GB RDIMM (2×2) or 8GB RDIMM (4×2) of memory, DVD RW and a P410 Smart Array Controller.

US Smart Buy Models Added to iQuote: