New iQuote Feature: Improved Validation Checklist

September 2, 2010

iQuote allows users to view the configuration notes against options in a consolidated list via the Validation Checklist. If a user missed the Option Configuration Notes or maybe built a solution via a Bundle or Shopping List then it can now be browsed from the Validation Checklist – reducing the possibility of missing something.

 iQuote currently runs an information ‘i’ icon alongside options available to systems, which offers advice about the validation of the option against the system being created. This feature has now been extended to the Validation Checklist in iQuote, as a result the efficiency of creating quotes is increased and important information is not missed!

The interface will display the information in a hover menu over the information icon. In the near future this information will be extended to the Export feature of your quote. We hope this enhancement will improve your iQuote experience.

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