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HP StorageWorks Progress

September 24, 2010

Do not be fooled by the silence!. The team here at has been really busy since we first announced that HP StorageWorks Commercial products would be joining their ProLiant counterparts in iQuote.

This morning HP StorageWorks configurations were being built (in test) within iQuote for several of the disk-based StorageWorks products. It’s early days and there will be more functionality and more products over the coming weeks. The immediate response to seeing these products in iQuote is how it makes quoting them so simple – less intimidating almost. That’s got to be good news for HP and its Channel.


New HP MicroServer in iQuote

September 24, 2010

You can now quote the most affordable ProLiant ever! It is aimed at small businesses that may not have a server but need one. It is perfect for many office locations due to a small form factor and minimal running noise.

The HP MicroServer features an AMD Athlon II NEO N36L (1.30GHz 2MB) Dual-Core Processor, 1GB UDIMM, a 160GB Hard Disk Drive, Integrated SATA RAID (0/1) and a NC107i PCIe Gigabit Network Interface Card.

SKU Information:
HP MicroServer AMD N36L (1.3GHz 2MB) 1GB (1 x 1GB ECC UDIMM) Cold Pluggable 3.5in 160GB SATA HDD No DVD 1Yr Parts Only Warranty


A Hat-Trick of Euro DL Servers now in iQuote

September 22, 2010

DL360G7 and DL380G7 models added to iQuote. To complete our European Range Review the following excellent ProLiant servers have been added to iQuote:

HP ProLiant DL360G7
470065-363 (CEE, MEMA)

HP ProLiant DL380G7
470065-362 (Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway)
470065-361 (CEE, MEMA)

Remember that iQuote customers don’t need to add servers and options to iQuote – it’s all done for them – just quote and sell, quote and sell…


iQuote Product Update: More HP ProLiant DL Servers for Europe

September 16, 2010

New models added to iQuote in Europe, product portfolio extended to match your clients’ needs. The team at iQuote have been busy adding numerous models from HP’s ProLiant DL Server range to certain countries in Europe. Below is a list of new models and where they are live. Use iQuote to build comprehensive quotes on HP Servers, and deliver the best possible solution to your client.

HP ProLiant DL System Model Number Region
HP ProLiant DL165G7 BW330A CEE, MEMA
HP ProLiant DL180G6 470065-370 Italy
HP ProLiant DL360G7 470065-356 Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway
HP ProLiant DL360G7 470065-357 Germany
HP ProLiant DL380G7 470065-358 Germany
HP ProLiant DL380G7 470065-364 CEE, MEMA
HP ProLiant DL380G7 470065-368 CEE, MEMA
HP ProLiant DL380G7 470065-351 Switzerland
HP ProLiant DL380G7 470065-365 CEE, MEMA

iQuote Product Update: More HP ProLiant ML Servers for Europe

September 16, 2010

New models added to iQuote in Europe, product portfolio extended to match your clients’ needs. The team at iQuote has been busy adding numerous new models from HP’s ProLiant ML Server range to certain countries in Europe. Below is a list of new models and where they are live:

HP ProLiant ML Model Number Region
ML110G6 470065-340 CEE/MEMA
ML110G6 470065-341 CEE/MEMA
ML150G6 470065-342 CEE/MEMA
ML350G6 470065-325 CEE/MEMA
ML350G6 470065-339 CH, DE
ML350G6 470065-360 CEE/MEMA

iQuote Lands in Norway

September 15, 2010

iQuote looking to extend its service to another area of Europe. Norwegian Distributor ALSO is evaluating iQuote. iQuote has been localised for Norway and we are delighted to be working with ALSO (who recently announced a merger with Actebis in Europe) in a pilot phase.


Calling all LinkedIn iQuote User Group Members

September 15, 2010

Spread the word by inviting colleagues, customers and partners to the iQuote User Group on LinkedIn. We’ve enabled a new LinkedIn function that allows Members of the Group to send invitations to people.

The iQuote User Group is a growing community of people interested in iQuote. Users can read, discuss and contribute on articles and news related to iQuote. This group also allows people to opt in to email communications and we feel this is less invasive than broadcast emails.

We look to spread the word on iQuote as much as possible, but your recommendations are extremely valuable! We’re also on Twitter: hpiquote.


Another iQuote Milestone: 10,000 Saved Quotes

September 14, 2010

iQuote users have created and saved 10,000 quotes: proof that it is becoming hugely popular within HP’s Channel. Saving quotes is optional but to export quotes they must be saved first. We know that many users will quote off-screen without saving but storing a quote via a Save allows it to be re-priced or used as a template.

New features like Shopping List, Options Search and Quote Templates are attracting users and driving utilisation – even ‘die hard’ QuickSpecs users are migrating to iQuote. Plus we are working on more functionality across a wider portfolio.

We look forward to announcing 20,000 Saved Quotes and at current activity levels we won’t have to wait very long! Thanks for using iQuote.


iQuote Advisory: SAS Drive Transition

September 10, 2010

HP is refreshing the ProLiant SAS Hard Disk Drives.
SAS Drives are changing from 3Gb/s to 6Gb/s and iQuote is now showing the new 6Gb/s Hard Disk Drives as Options. For HP ProLiants that ship with a SAS Drive pre-installed we will now be showing that the drive is 6Gb/s and linking to the 6Gb/s option. However, due to channel inventory the actual drive that you get may still be a 3Gb/s drive. 3Gb/s and 6Gb/s drives are technically compatible but when mixed will perform at 3Gb/s.

If an end user customer must have 6Gb/s drives throughout (guaranteed) either choose a model with no Hard Disk Drive pre-installed (so you can select the 6Gb/s Drives as options) or check with your Distributor.


iQuote Hints and Tips: Guide to iQuote Symbols

September 9, 2010

Quick Reference – symbols in iQuote explained. iQuote uses a number of symbols to help users navigate to the best offers and ensure that their configuration is flawless. Hovering on the icon with a mouse will explain the icon, but just in case here’s a quick reference guide: