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iQuote Hints and Tips: Saved Quote Management

August 16, 2010

Re-Price/Re-Stock/Re-Promo a Quote in 5 Seconds with iQuote. We understand that many iQuote Users don’t save all of their quotes but we think that for many it is worth doing. You can retrieve them off the Saved Quotes Menu and if you use the Load/Edit button (see graphic) iQuote will check pricing against current price versus price when saved. You can ignore the price changes or single click to apply the new prices. iQuote also looks for promotions that have ended and will prompt you to update to current promotions in most instances. Plus it will apply the latest stock figures – all in about 5 seconds.

It’s a very useful function and major timesaver for Sales. If you want to preserve the original saved quote then use the Launch as Copy function.

The team here at iQuote wants you to get the best out of iQuote so look out for other iQuote Hints and Tips on our Blog that show you how to save time and be more productive.


iQuote Milestone: 1000 New Quotes in a Week

August 12, 2010

Thank you to all of our iQuote Users for this achievement. This volume of quotes is proof that iQuote is becoming hugely popular within HP’s Channel. New features like Shopping List, Options Search and Quote Templates are attracting users and driving utilisation – even ‘die hard’ QuickSpecs users are migrating to iQuote.

We are committed to further improvement and a wider portfolio. So we look forward to you doubling the number of quotes: here’s to 2000 New Quotes in a week…


iQuote Hints & Tips: iQuote Templates

August 12, 2010

Save Quotes to use as Templates and Save Time !

iQuote Templates
iQuote Users will be pleased to discover that you don’t need to start from scratch every time you want to build a New Quote. Take your favourite configurations for your favourite systems and just Save them. Saved Quotes don’t count towards deal pipeline information so you can have as many as you like.

You’ve always been able to re-open a quote, instantly re-price it and check for promotions that have changed. Recently we added a new grey button (see graphic) called “Launch as Copy” which opens a new quote, based on this quote but leaves the template intact. It’s really powerful.

The team here want users to get the best out of iQuote. Look out for our Hints and Tips on this Blog to find ways to become more productive.


From HP Virtual Assistant to iQuote

August 10, 2010

We look back on the evolution of HP Virtual Assistant in 1998 to iQuote in 2010! Those of you that worked in the UK IT Channel will look back with a certain nostalgia.

iQuote is a direct descendent of the HP (Compaq) VA, although it is much, much more powerful. The VAs allowed Sales people and Customers to easily interpret the rules of a system and copy/paste parts. Importantly it was full of benefit/sales messaging. The VA was a Lotus Notes database that was published to Computacenter’s public web site – it was consistently the most utilised section of the Intranet and possibly the Website.

Tim Moyle, MD of, wrote the Virtual Assistants back in December 1998 and brought the team together to deliver iQuote into channel:

“We had something similar to the Virtual Assistant when I was at Corporate Computers that was originally devised by Dave Rado. The Virtual Assistants were an updated version and were introduced to address the sheer volume of pre-sales calls that Product Marketing was experiencing. At the time my then boss, Trevor Pugsley, liked the concept but not the name. It stuck though.”

iQuote is such a major leap and progression from Virtual Assistant that it’s almost hard to compare the two systems. iQuote’s sophistication matches the technological advances in today’s Internet.

As iQuote is developed and maintained outside of the channel it is much more portable to businesses and the team here has built upon the basic process of generating a quote against complex products and taken it to new levels. That said I always thought that if we could replicate the success of the VAs with iQuote I would be happy – we’ve already exceeded that success!”

If you remember the Compaq (HP) Virtual Assistants please let us know:


iQuote Clones from Distribution

August 9, 2010

What is an iQuote Clone? A “Clone” is an exact replica of a Distributor’s internal version of iQuote that is provided to Resellers by Distribution.

Why Should a Reseller Set Up an iQuote Clone?
Resellers get the full functionality of iQuote when they set up an iQuote Clone. Price, stock, user management, statistics, custom export and full use of iQuote’s features are accessible with an iQuote Clone. There is no IT setup or installation required – it can go live quickly and easily. The Clones are dual branded: Distributor and Reseller but the quote pipeline is private for the Reseller. The Clone displays the Reseller Buy Price and Host Distributor’s stock levels.

How do Resellers obtain an iQuote Clone?
If you are a HP Reseller and would like to use iQuote speak to your HP Authorised Distributor. If you would like a contact name or a list of iQuote-ready Distributors please email:

How much does it cost to have an iQuote Clone? does not charge Resellers for Distributor iQuote Clones. Your Distributor may charge you for the service however. Note also that some Distributors have integrated iQuote into their store offering and this can have specific benefits (such as the capability to place an order directly) so is different to a Clone.


iQuote Hints & Tips: Options Search

August 6, 2010

Find Options Fast in iQuote with our new Options Search Function. As the number of options and configurations supported by iQuote expanded the (unwanted) side effect was that our users were scrolling through many option part numbers to find the part(s) they needed. Frustrating especially when our users sometimes knew the option part number and were just looking to pick it up.

So we introduced an Options Search function that will allow our iQuote users to enter a part number, a series of part numbers (separated by a comma “,”). For those searches where you don’t know the part number you can use a text search: single word or phrases. We’ve also set up a thesaurus so that if you search on RAM you get memory, RAID you get Array Controllers and sub-options etc.

From the Results View you can simply add directly to the basket. For text searches iQuote will sort in descending order of relevance. US users can even search on Smart Buy to show all of the Smart Buy options.


HP 8000 Elite Desktop: New Top Value Models Live

August 6, 2010

Three new HP 8000 Elite Desktop Models introduced to iQuote. Use iQuote to produce comprehensive quotes on HP Desktops.

The HP 8000 Elite Desktop is powered by the Intel® Pentium® Dual-Core Processor E5500. The new models introduced to iQuote last week come in Microtower Form Factor (3GB Memory), Ultra Slim Desktop Form Factor (3GB Memory) and Small Form Factor (2GB Memory). All these models come with Windows 7 Pro, and 1 Year return to base warranties.

Top Value Models added to iQuote:



HP 6000 Pro Desktop: New Top Value Models Live

August 5, 2010

iQuote introduces two new HP 6000 models; use iQuote to easily create & manage quotes on HP Desktops.

The HP 6000 Pro is powered by the Pentium Dual-Core E5500 processor, the two new models come in Small Form Factor and Micro Tower format. Both have 3GB of Memory, Windows 7 Pro and come with 1 Year Warranty from HP.

Top Value Models added to iQuote:



HP & Microsoft Coffee Coaching: Training Made Easy

August 5, 2010

We recommend that our iQuote Users check out the HP & Microsoft “Coffee Coaching” videos available through Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

iQuote helps you to produce quotes on HP products and reduces your training needs around product specifications. However, if you are working on HP and Microsoft projects for customers we would always recommend tapping into good solution sales tools. The HP & Microsoft Coffee Coaching scheme provides training sessions via video presentations accessed from social networking sites. The aim of the scheme is to provide clients with better solutions that will help increase your sales with hints, tips and technological business solutions. HP & Microsoft Coffee Coaching will increase your comprehension of customer needs and map them to the best solutions. iQuote will generate the quotes.

You can access the HP Coffee Coaching Scheme by going to the following destinations:


HP Z Series Workstation “A Models” introduced to iQuote

August 4, 2010

iQuote offers “A Models” in HP’s Z Series of Workstations: z200, z200s, z600 and z800. PSG iQuote users in Europe (EMEA) can now access iQuote to produce comprehensive quotes on A Models from the following ranges:

5 x HP z200
3 x HP z200s
3 x HP z600
2 x HP z800