Help with iQuote?

August 25, 2010

iQuote: How to Contact Us via Email…useful information to bookmark.

If you need to email us we have a number of useful email boxes:

register@ If you would like to setup a new iQuote user (use the Management function first unless it is a bulk creation or a special user !) or clone. You can also use this address if you would like to evaluate iQuote (or use the form located at www.channelcentral.net/iquote).

support@ If you need help with anything whatsoever use this email address. That includes things like setting up new Sales Teams or promoting Users to Management Level. If you are in iQuote it is better to use the Feedback Form as it sends us extra information we need to help you.

hp@ Send us anything you think will help iQuote such as local price lists, promotional information etc.

interested@ We use this to receive general sales enquiries.

We do have a telephone number too: +44 (0)845 217 8914 but email is generally preferred.

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