iQuote Hints and Tips: Saved Quote Management

August 16, 2010

Re-Price/Re-Stock/Re-Promo a Quote in 5 Seconds with iQuote. We understand that many iQuote Users don’t save all of their quotes but we think that for many it is worth doing. You can retrieve them off the Saved Quotes Menu and if you use the Load/Edit button (see graphic) iQuote will check pricing against current price versus price when saved. You can ignore the price changes or single click to apply the new prices. iQuote also looks for promotions that have ended and will prompt you to update to current promotions in most instances. Plus it will apply the latest stock figures – all in about 5 seconds.

It’s a very useful function and major timesaver for Sales. If you want to preserve the original saved quote then use the Launch as Copy function.

The team here at iQuote wants you to get the best out of iQuote so look out for other iQuote Hints and Tips on our Blog that show you how to save time and be more productive.

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