iQuote Clones from Distribution

August 9, 2010

What is an iQuote Clone? A “Clone” is an exact replica of a Distributor’s internal version of iQuote that is provided to Resellers by Distribution.

Why Should a Reseller Set Up an iQuote Clone?
Resellers get the full functionality of iQuote when they set up an iQuote Clone. Price, stock, user management, statistics, custom export and full use of iQuote’s features are accessible with an iQuote Clone. There is no IT setup or installation required – it can go live quickly and easily. The Clones are dual branded: Distributor and Reseller but the quote pipeline is private for the Reseller. The Clone displays the Reseller Buy Price and Host Distributor’s stock levels.

How do Resellers obtain an iQuote Clone?
If you are a HP Reseller and would like to use iQuote speak to your HP Authorised Distributor. If you would like a contact name or a list of iQuote-ready Distributors please email: register@channelcentral.net.

How much does it cost to have an iQuote Clone?
channelcentral.net does not charge Resellers for Distributor iQuote Clones. Your Distributor may charge you for the service however. Note also that some Distributors have integrated iQuote into their store offering and this can have specific benefits (such as the capability to place an order directly) so is different to a Clone.

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