iQuote Hints & Tips: Options Search

August 6, 2010

Find Options Fast in iQuote with our new Options Search Function. As the number of options and configurations supported by iQuote expanded the (unwanted) side effect was that our users were scrolling through many option part numbers to find the part(s) they needed. Frustrating especially when our users sometimes knew the option part number and were just looking to pick it up.

So we introduced an Options Search function that will allow our iQuote users to enter a part number, a series of part numbers (separated by a comma “,”). For those searches where you don’t know the part number you can use a text search: single word or phrases. We’ve also set up a thesaurus so that if you search on RAM you get memory, RAID you get Array Controllers and sub-options etc.

From the Results View you can simply add directly to the basket. For text searches iQuote will sort in descending order of relevance. US users can even search on Smart Buy to show all of the Smart Buy options.


  1. […] A recent Blog explained what happens when the Options Search is used, and that drives this proactive service. iQuote is the application, the service is delivered by channelcentral.net and to be effective you need both elements. […]

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