Do you remember the Compaq SystemPro?

August 4, 2010

One of the first PC-based Servers launched, and it was a Compaq. A couple of us here at channelcentral.net remember the Compaq SystemPro very well. It wasn’t high on kerb appeal (see graphic) but it was the predecessor to the hugely successful, market leading HP ProLiant. It was dual processor (even as a 386) and ran on a faster EISA BUS (I remember that many systems were ISA or the proprietary MCA architecture (killed off by IBM)). The IDA drive controller led to the Smart Array Controller (and HP has sold a few of those).

If, like some of us, you’ve been doing this for some time you’ll find this Wiki article interesting:


and in case you thought this was a truly pointless Blog the reason for this trip down memory lane is to show 2 things:

  1. Our iQuote task would be SO MUCH EASIER if today’s products were as simple as the SystemPro. DDR3 Memory ! 1200 Options per System !
  2. We want to make iQuote brilliant in every way because we’re as enthusiastic about technology products now as we were when the ProLiant 1000 & the Smart Array Controller were launched.

No Oil Painting















Love iQuote…!

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