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iQuote’s Source for Options

August 28, 2010

Where does locate the Options for all of the Systems? When talking to customers for the first time, this is one of their most common questions. Our starting point is the HP Compatibility Matrix that HP makes available through Smart Portal. However, we often add parts that we locate in Product Bulletin, plus there are a number of options that apply globally that HP doesn’t list in the Compatibility Matrix (cables, software, software support for example) so we add those. Lastly, our customers help us to keep options accurate through feedback (in the case of Options Search, automatically).

So from multiple sources our iQuote logic filters the options based on the specific system unit. In total the number of options in the Compatibility Matrix will be around 150 – once in iQuote it’s roughly TEN times this number.

If you need an option that we don’t list, please use the iQuote Feedback Form.


iQuote with your Terms & Conditions

August 27, 2010

Hosts can now publish their own Terms & Conditions on iQuote. At the footer of every iQuote ‘instance’ is a Legal link to Terms & Conditions. The default page has’s Terms and Conditions of site use. Hosts that allow their customers access to iQuote may want to apply their own legal Terms & Conditions. As a result users will be able to see the Host’s Terms and Conditions and not the standard iQuote T’s and C’s. This small adjustment makes iQuote more aligned to your business practices.

To apply your Legal Ts & Cs to iQuote please send us a request: email


iQuote: Support for HP Racks & Options

August 26, 2010

Now you can add HP Racks & Options in iQuote!
With immediate effect you will notice a new Options Category on all DL Servers and the ML Servers that support Tower to Rack Conversion Kits: Rack Kit. This will allow you to add Racks, Side Panels, Keyboards & TFTs to the iQuote basket. Of course you can also use Shopping List and Options Search to build configurations with these options.

One key difference between the way these Rack Kit options behave (compared to standard options) is that when you export iQuote doesn’t multiply these options by the number of servers you specify. This is because they are rarely required in the same quantity as the servers so get the quantity you want perfect prior to export!

We’ve offered a reasonable selection of Rack Options based on HP’s best selling options data but if you need anything added please use the Feedback form.


The LinkedIn iQuote User Group now has 50 Members

August 25, 2010

Meet, discuss, contribute and get feature previews on LinkedIn – daily. Opt in for email alerts (we never SPAM here !!). At we recognise the power of LinkedIn: a great vehicle to spread news on iQuote. The iQuote LinkedIn group has now attracted 50 members, in cricket terms we have hit a half century! What we want now is to attract more members and work our way to a century of members! Feel free to join the iQuote User Group on LinkedIn, 50 members already love it and we are sure you will too!

To find us on LinkedIn simply search iQuote, or follow this link to join:

The iQuote User Group on LinkedIn is available to HP and its partners.


Help with iQuote?

August 25, 2010

iQuote: How to Contact Us via Email…useful information to bookmark.

If you need to email us we have a number of useful email boxes:

register@ If you would like to setup a new iQuote user (use the Management function first unless it is a bulk creation or a special user !) or clone. You can also use this address if you would like to evaluate iQuote (or use the form located at

support@ If you need help with anything whatsoever use this email address. That includes things like setting up new Sales Teams or promoting Users to Management Level. If you are in iQuote it is better to use the Feedback Form as it sends us extra information we need to help you.

hp@ Send us anything you think will help iQuote such as local price lists, promotional information etc.

interested@ We use this to receive general sales enquiries.

We do have a telephone number too: +44 (0)845 217 8914 but email is generally preferred.


iQuote Commercial Model – NOT taxing success!

August 23, 2010

Cost per Quote or per User – No Thanks. Many new Distribution customers expect to charge iQuote on a per user (a licence) or on a per quote-raised basis. We don’t. Instead we use a subscription model. There are multiple reasons behind this decision but the key factor is that if you had to pay more to add users or raise quotations this feels like a tax on success to us: we want you to increase utilisation. The cost is also far more predictable and we know customers appreciate this.


Rise of the Clones

August 20, 2010

Resellers running iQuote is on the up. In the UK, where iQuote has been around for 18 months, we are seeing acceleration in the number of Resellers that use Distributor iQuote Clones. We now operate nearly 20 clones, nearly double the number just a month ago. The scale of Reseller using clones varies from small to very large VARs. We’re obviously delighted that HP’s Gold Preferred Partners, Preferred Partners and CDP Managed Accounts are leveraging iQuote. We are also pleased to welcome some Resellers that are new to HP as they “defect” from other brands!

Clones aren’t the only way to access iQuote. Some of our Distributors offer iQuote through their own eCommerce sites and well over a hundred Resellers use iQuote this way.

More about iQuote Clones:


iQuote Update: New HP Pro 3125 Desktops Live

August 19, 2010

iQuote introduces 3 new HP Pro 3125 models.

The HP Pro 3125 Desktop is powered by the AMD Athlon II X series of Processors. The models introduced to iQuote today come in Micro Tower format, and either 2GB or 3GB of memory. Models in iQuote come with Genuine Windows® 7 Professional and a One year return to base Warranty.

Models added to iQuote:
WU238EA (Top Value)
WU239EA (Top Value)


iQuote Update: New HP 3120 Pro Desktop Models Live

August 19, 2010

iQuote has lots of new BTO (A Model) and Top Value HP 3120 Pro Systems.

The HP 3120 Pro Desktop is powered by the Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor E Series of processors. Five new models come in Micro Tower format with 2GB of standard memory. Four new models come in Small Form Factor with both 2GB and 3GB models available. iQuote offers models with Genuine Windows® 7 Professional and a 1 Year Return to Base Warranty.

New Models added to iQuote:

HP 3120 Pro Microtower

HP 3120 Pro Small Form Factor
WU179EA (Top Value)
WU180EA (Top Value)


iQuote is now on Twitter: follow @hpiQuote.

August 18, 2010

Follow us on Twitter for all the latest news on iQuote! iQuote is now a fully fledged member of Twitter; we will be tweeting regularly on all things iQuote: news, updates, and developments. Our Blog and LinkedIn iQuote User Group are also going to be key ways to communicate and collaborate. Follow us now to extend the iQuote community!