iQuote Support: How To Access and Your Views!

July 29, 2010

iQuote user support for technical issues, advice and updates on all things iQuote. iQuote is a service and as such a key component of iQuote is the support provided by the team that develops and operates it here at channelcentral.net. We aim to provide efficient responses to support requests.

How to get Support
Through the following options:

  • iQuote Feedback Link (footer of iQuote)
  • Options Search (if you search for an option we don’t have it auto-generates a Support Request)
  • Direct email to support@channelcentral.net

iQuote also provides regular updates via these channels:

  • channelcentral.net Blog www.channelcentral.net/blog (also replicated to iQuote and channelcentral.net Home Pages)
  • iQuote User Group on LinkedIn

User feedback is important to us at iQuote so how are we doing? Here are a few soundbites from our users:

“Thank you chaps! As always I am impressed with the response times you guys deliver!”

“I am (now) an iQuote evangelist!”

“I would safely say I’m an iQuote ‘convert’ and have uncovered multiple ways in which the tool has made my life easier, on top of just quoting attach items, which I’ll be pushing into the rest of the team to make their lives easier…I’ve been particularly impressed with the support from iQuote; response to queries has been prompt, and suggestions useful.”

After all we could tell  you anything so what our customers think is more important !

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