Place your Own Part Numbers into iQuote

July 7, 2010

Distributors and Resellers with their own version of iQuote can now specify a list of their own service codes (plus prices) for inclusion in iQuote. This new feature, introduced yesterday, allows iQuote to become fully compatible and personal to distributors and resellers who use iQuote (if you are a reseller accesing a distributor’s version of iQuote, you will see your distributor’s service codes).

How Does it Work?

Distributors and Resellers submit a list of their own unique part numbers and prices; this list is then merged with the options already available in iQuote. Users can then build quotes that include your service codes, on an iQuote system specific to your company – iQuote becomes personal that simply. As a result users will benefit from enhanced reliability in the system, as configuration and delivery of items become easier to plan. All in all, iQuote is providing simple solutions to everyday problems.

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