iQuote… Three Ways to Start a New Quote

July 3, 2010

iQuote allows users to start quotes on HP systems in three different ways. Each Sales Person has a different approach to building quotes, or may be faced with different levels of information on what to sell.


3 ways to start quotes in iQuote:

Browse: when your customer has no specific products in mind. iQuote displays a variety of information on available systems to help you map needs to best value/most appropriate solution. This information includes comprehensive product descriptions, images, HP promotions, price and available stock.

Quick Launch: when you have a system unit part number you can enter it and go directly to it. iQuote displays the product and lets you know what options are best for the system you require. Quick and informative, process a quote quickly and provide the best options for your customer.

Shopping List: when you have the system unit part number and options part numbers before you start your quote. Paste from excel or email into the shopping list function, and iQuote will process your quote in moments. Save time in pasting straight from a source, and get what you require in moments! Any errors are highlighted and removed. You can continue to add yet more options to the quote. It really is that simple.

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