iQuote and Salesmen… A match made in Sales Heaven

June 25, 2010

iQuote is the premium Sales Quotation tool. Why should Sales use it? iQuote’s features speak for themself; its advanced features make the sales process easier and more rewarding. Here’s why:

Attach rate – Create more margin on your sales.

Great product descriptions – product descriptions are consistent, clear and comprehensive.

New Products – HP’s newest products and models are added to iQuote regularly, so Sales staff are always up to date!

New Features – iQuote is constantly evolving. iQuote’s newest feature is an Options Search which allows users to search iQuote by keywords and part numbers.

Shopping List – Shopping lists or forms can be pasted into iQuote from excel or outlook. Save time and be more efficient.

Stock visibility – iQuote provides real-time stock levels from with your company; sell stock with confidence!

Ease of use around Bundles – iQuote alerts and notifies the user of bundles, as a result HP’s bundles are promoted and the Sales are alert to all industry deals.

HP Accelerate – As a partner of HP, iQuote works closely with HP to promote partner programmes. HP Accelerate points are automatically displayed by iQuote.

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