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iQuote Product Update: HP ProLiant DL385G7 Server Range now Live

June 28, 2010

iQuote now has HP’s complete Top Value and A Model (BTO) ranges live and available for you to quote on. The HP ProLiant DL385G7 Server features the latest AMD® Opteron® Twelve- and Eight-Core processors, up to 24 DIMM slots supporting up to 256GB of DDR3 Memory. Internal storage includes 8 or 16 SFF SAS hard drives with up to 9.6TB, or 6 LFF hard drives for up to 12TB of internal storage.

New DL385G7 BTO Models Added :



iQuote and Salesmen… A match made in Sales Heaven

June 25, 2010

iQuote is the premium Sales Quotation tool. Why should Sales use it? iQuote’s features speak for themself; its advanced features make the sales process easier and more rewarding. Here’s why:

Attach rate – Create more margin on your sales.

Great product descriptions – product descriptions are consistent, clear and comprehensive.

New Products – HP’s newest products and models are added to iQuote regularly, so Sales staff are always up to date!

New Features – iQuote is constantly evolving. iQuote’s newest feature is an Options Search which allows users to search iQuote by keywords and part numbers.

Shopping List – Shopping lists or forms can be pasted into iQuote from excel or outlook. Save time and be more efficient.

Stock visibility – iQuote provides real-time stock levels from with your company; sell stock with confidence!

Ease of use around Bundles – iQuote alerts and notifies the user of bundles, as a result HP’s bundles are promoted and the Sales are alert to all industry deals.

HP Accelerate – As a partner of HP, iQuote works closely with HP to promote partner programmes. HP Accelerate points are automatically displayed by iQuote.


Options Search Tool Now Live on iQuote!

June 22, 2010

Today iQuote introduces a new tool, enabling you to perform custom searches for options from within a quote. Users can now search for items in iQuote through a list of part numbers or a set of keywords.

Option 1: search for a list of parts, e.g. “507720-B21, U4496E, 500656-B21”

  • iQuote returns details on all the valid parts you have entered, allowing you to add them to your quote in the normal way.
  • This is also a great way to check whether a particular part number works with the system unit you’re quoting – iQuote will let you know when a part you have chosen is incompatible with your system unit.
  • Sometimes you will be wanting to quote an option that doesn’t yet exist in iQuote (not common, but these things happen!). In that case iQuote will confirm the description to you but you won’t be able to add it to the quote. But all is not lost – our Support Team will be informed instantly, and will investigate and get back to you as soon as possible.

Option 2: search for keywords, e.g. “external SAS cable”

An extremely powerful feature – use it to find just about anything – by description, model name or technology.

  • Results are returned from multiple Option Categories; the category that has the highest average hit-rate is listed first.
  • All the search terms that iQuote can find are highlighted in the results, with Best Matches at the top.

iQuote is becoming more intelligent, giving Sales the knowledge and resources to build comprehensive quotes with minimal fuss. The search function will save you time, and build your sales confidence!


Join the iQuote LinkedIn Group Today

June 22, 2010

iQuote is constantly developing and evolving, and the iQuote User Group on LinkedIn is the perfect place to find out the latest news on iQuote. How can you interact with the iQuote group? We want to talk to you about all things iQuote!

  1. Contribute ideas to make iQuote (even) better through the Discussions.
  2. Get pre-release notification of new products and features.
  3. Proactive delivery of new iQuote blog articles. and the iQuote development team are always looking for input on iQuote – there is no one better than iQuote users themselves to drive forward and develop iQuote.

To join the iQuote User Group on LinkedIn please visit:
Or search for iQuote User Group on LinkedIn


HP PSG Accelerate Points in iQuote Now

June 18, 2010

iQuote is the best place to quote HP’s Personal System Group products and maximise Accelerate points when you sell.

What is HP Accelerate and How Does it Help Resellers?
HP Accelerate offers points to Reseller salespeople who close deals for specific PSG products, these points can then be used in nominated stores. iQuote adds value to the relationship between Distributor and Reseller salespeople by optimising the HP Accelerate points for the Reseller – HP Distributors can advise their contacts of the points tally and recommend ways to increase Accelerate points. Resellers that use Distributor’s iQuote services directly can do this themselves.

iQuote is the best place for HP Accelerate!
A fundamental need for Reseller salespeople registered with HP Accelerate is to identify exactly what points they earn from each sale. When building quotes in iQuote and products are added to the basket, iQuote automatically updates and lets the user know the HP Accelerate points they would earn from that sale. As a result the HP PSG focus products are promoted and the relationship between reseller and distributor is strengthened. And best of all iQuote does it all rather simply!


iQuote Best Practice: System Unit Product Descriptions

June 16, 2010

The iQuote Team has just improved all System Unit descriptions on iQuote to deliver clear and consistent product information. The best way to sell is to be informed and confident in your knowledge of the product. This will help as when you are browsing products your success rate of picking the most appropriate system will be higher.

Example description of the DL360 G7 range:

HP ProLiant DL360 G7 Intel Xeon E5640 (2.53GHz 12MB L3 Cache) Quad Core Processor 12GB (6 x 2GB) DDR3 1333MHz RDIMM 4 x Hot-Pluggable 2.5in Small Form Factor Smart Array P410i/256MB No Optical 460W PSU 3yr Next Business Day Warranty


  • Intel Xeon E5640 (2.53GHz 12MB L3 Cache) Quad Core Processor – Processor (includes Manufacturer code, processor speed and cache, qty of cores)
  • 12GB (6 x 2GB) DDR3 1333MHz RDIMM – Memory (includes DIMM qty/size), technology, speed and memory type (in this case Registered DIMM)
  • 4 x Hot-Pluggable 2.5in Small Form Factor – Hard Disk Drive support (qty, NHP/HPL, drive size and descriptor)
  • Smart Array P410i/256MB – Array Controller with model and Cache (and if it has BBWC that is Battery Backed Writeback Cache)
  • No Optical – Optical Drive in this case none but can be DVD-ROM or DVD-RW
  • 460W PSU – Power supply (if >1 will state qty)
  • 3yr Next Business Day Warranty – Warranty

Remember it is not possible to list everything in a Part Number Description but the Table of Contents in iQuote provides more useful information.


US Smart Buy Servers Added to iQuote

June 14, 2010

11 New HP ProLiant Smart Buy Servers in iQuote. As simple as that…










Saved Quote ID Now Appears on Screen in iQuote

June 14, 2010

If you use the iQuote Quote ID this is useful. We noticed that when you save a quote (or open a saved quote) the iQuote quote ID wasn’t on display – although the quote name that the user gave it is there. It now shows both (see image below). This can be useful if you are looking at an export of the quote (as it is shown on that) or you want to give your customer a unique quote ID verbally. It just feels more natural to have the quote number on screen as so many other systems do this.


iQuote Copy/Paste Table Shopping List Function Hits the Mark

June 10, 2010

iQuote’s Copy/Paste Table version of Shopping List is now the default view due to its popularity with iQuote Users. The ability to paste shopping lists of parts and quantities, validate and price them in moments rather than (lots of) minutes adds to iQuote’s ever-increasing ROI! Not only does this function save time, it improves the accuracy of orders being processed as information is transferred directly from source to source (so no keying errors). You can still use the old form input via a link from the Shopping List page.

Many changes to the iQuote system are prompted through user feedback. We appreciate all your feedback: the easiest way to leave it is through the omni-present Feedback function at the bottom of the iQuote page.


iQuote Hard Disk Drives in Table of Contents (also) Much Better

June 10, 2010

We’ve done for Hard Disk Drives what we recently did for pre-installed Memory. People wanted us to show the hard disk drive type and configuration in the System’s Table of Contents. So we do. Example:

Previous Description: 500GB
New Description: 2 x 250GB (7.2k rpm) Hot-Pluggable 3.5in SATA

Works for all products: notebooks, desktops, workstations, servers, blades. Major timesaver. Before you could work it out but you had to open up the Hard Disk Drive Option section.