DDR3 Memory Handling in HP ProLiant iQuote

May 28, 2010

Validation versus Optimisation. DDR3 Memory implementation in iQuote was a fairly major piece of software engineering. However, what we’ve got is really quite exciting – so it was worth it.


  1. If you exceed the number of available (empty) slots iQuote will warn you that you will sacrifice (trade off) pre-installed memory.
  2. If you exceed the total number of slots iQuote will produce a critical error and prevent quote export.
  3. In dual processor configurations iQuote will check to ensure that an even number of memory modules is added. It will warn if not.
  4. Across all configurations it will also check that memory is added in multiples of two or three (depending on the system unit and chipset) to provide optimum performance.

So iQuote is not only checking for valid configurations it is also making recommendations about performance optimisation for memory.

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