Improved HP Warranty Process for iQuote

May 19, 2010

Installed Warranty in iQuote Description now Automated. There have been improvements to the way we obtain and present Warranty information – the Warranty that comes with the server not Care Pack Warranty:

  1. We now use the Warranty Code in HP’s Price List to generate the database entry – translating that 2 digit code to parts, labour and location (e.g. 311 would be 3 Years of parts, 1st Year with Labour, 1st Year Onsite).
  2. Our SystemBuilder Application automatically translates that ‘311’ into a readable description that appears at the end of the System Unit description.

iQuote User Benefits:

  • We used Marketing material to identify warranties previously and this did lead to potential for error and conflicting information.
  • Much better consistency makes iQuote easier to use.
  • Preferable to searching in multiple places for warranty information.
You may notice some System Unit descriptions without Warranty information – we will retrospectively apply this process to existing Systems to resolve this.

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