Are you a Reseller that is new to HP? iQuote can help you.

May 14, 2010

You may not have sold HP before but you would like to. A customer is asking you to specify, supply and deploy HP products or a vendor that you have worked with has changed its Go To Market strategy; you are concerned about the long-term outlook working with that vendor. iQuote can make this transition easier.

iQuote is a sales quotation tool that your Salespeople, Pre-Sales and potentially Customers can use to produce accurate quotations without needing detailed knowledge of the hardware specification. This reduces the training overhead on Sales and Pre-Sales people both in terms of cost and losing selling time.

Note that iQuote is designed to be used by BOTH Sales and Technical Pre-Sales. It handles:

1. Stock and Price.
2. Configuration.
3. Promotions.
4. Pipeline & Attach Rate Management.

iQuote and HP
iQuote covers a wide range of HP Products including Notebooks, Desktops, Personal Workstations and ProLiant Servers.

To keep up to date with iQuote please check our Blog or join the iQuote User Group on LinkedIn. Or call me, Tim Moyle on: +44 (0)7912 307715

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